5 Benefits of Regular Upholstery Cleaning

Remember when your favorite, cozy armchair was brand new? You could sink down into it after a long, hard day and let it ease away the accumulated stresses throughout your day. Head back, feet up, favorite show playing away on your TV. Nothing else quite says, “My work here is done” like enjoying the comfort of home. Why not treat it like it has treated you? 


The common courtesies we proffer to one another like; please, thank you, and gesundheit after a sneeze, are impossible to convey to your inanimate furniture. But cleaning your furniture’s upholstery on a regular basis is a kind of reward for both you and that warm, soft, welcoming couch.


Keep in mind, you’re not the only one getting use out of it. Your family, friends, neighbors, and other guests also benefit from its use. It only stands to reason that regular upkeep can help preserve the comfort and condition of these pieces where we occupy a good deal of our lives, relaxing and spending time with others.


Here are 5 reasons to treat your relaxation pieces to a spa day for themselves with regular upholstery cleaning:

Benefit #1: Get Rid of Dirt

You don’t clean yourself or your clothing when it’s convenient or when you happen to remember, do you? No, you have a schedule for that.  Dirt and grime on your upholstery can slowly build up over time. Since you see your furniture every day, it’s easy to miss this gradual accumulation.  With regular cleaning, you can restore your upholstery and keep it looking like new.


It’s not just the visible stains you are removing but unseen molds, dead skin cells, bacteria, and untold pathogens that can find their way into the seams and amongst the fibers that make up the weave. These unwelcome visitors should be allowed no quarter. They should be evicted at once!

Benefit #2: Avoid Allergies

Off to the store for more allergy medicine? Did you know that your furniture can be among the most common collection spots for allergens? 


Every time you plop down; an invisible cloud of pollen, dander, dust mites, and other common, sneeze-inducing irritants is delivered to your nose, lungs, and already itchy eyes. Your upholstery can be much kinder to you if you have it cleaned on a regular basis.


We hear a lot of talk these days about the importance of the quality of the air we breathe.  People are buying air purifiers and similar gadgets to help keep pollutants at bay. Those things help, but without regular upholstery cleaning, you’re forcing those devices to work overtime as you keep recycling dust, dander, mites, mold, and other irritants back into the air.

Benefit #3: Better Appearance

You’ve invited some coworkers over for a weekend brunch to discuss plans for the upcoming week. The table is set, the food is ready, the chairs are sticky, and your meeting is all set. Wait… what … sticky? Accumulation of dust, smoke, and other pollutants can leave your upholstery looking dingy and feeling sticky. Your upholstery needs regular cleaning so there can be no build-up.

Benefit #4: Remove Odors

Fido may be adorable, but a stickler for cleanliness he is not! Neither is Uncle Fred, for that matter. He’s great, and the life of the party, but cigar smoke sticks around longer than he does. Upholstery fibers are good at trapping and releasing these foul-smelling culprits. If you clean your upholstery at regular intervals you can alleviate odors caused by Freds and pets.  

Benefit #5: Improved Durability

You spent precious time and hard-earned money selecting and purchasing your furniture. The dirt you bring in from your travels can be abrasive and hard on your upholstery; wearing away at the fibers and seams until one day, not unlike Frasier’s dad, you find yourself repairing rips and tears with duct tape. Regular upholstery cleaning can extend its life and protect your investment.

Final Thoughts

Your furniture sees a lot of activity and its upholstery is the barrier between structure and environment that provides beauty and comfort on the outside while protecting the functional parts inside. Its regular cleaning and care is the best, easiest, and most important way to ensure it stays looking and feeling as new as possible. 


Your house has walls and a roof to keep out the harshness of the elements, but you unwittingly bring them in with you daily. It is important to clean your upholstery on a regular basis so you can keep enjoying the furniture you love for years to come. Leave it in the hands of our experts at H-Town Steam

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