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How Often Should You Clean Your Floors and Curtains?

It’s easy to forget about the basics when you’re doing your weekly cleans. Most people focus on bathrooms, wiping surfaces and hoovering (which are all essential), but make the mistake of missing the staples.


It’s super common to assume that carpets, sofas and curtains all fend for themselves, and most people focus on obvious dirt or stains that mount up. But what if we told you that the average carpet holds up to four times its own weight in dirt! 

If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned recently, it’s most likely stuffed with dust, crumbs, dead skin, dust mites and pollen – and that’s before you consider what you bring in on dirty shoes!

So, to prevent all this from accumulating, here’s how often you should be cleaning your floors, curtains, and furniture.


Your floor’s material will determine how frequently it should be cleaned. If your house is made up predominantly of wooden flooring or tiles, you may be able to get away with hoovering and mopping. 

This is because there’s no room for small substances like crumbs and dust to get lost unlike in carpets, instead they sit on top and remain visible, making it easier to identify when you need to clean.



In addition to hoovering and mopping your tiles, you need to think about what bacteria may be getting caught up in the grout between tiles. It’s easy for harmful substances to accumulate within tile grout and if left untreated, these can trigger health issues, especially for those struggling with respiratory conditions, skin infections, or allergens.

It’s therefore very important to deep clean grout every 4 to 6 months, to avoid build-up of bacteria and keep your floor looking new. You can do this yourself with the appropriate surface cleaners and equipment. You can use bleach, ammonia or if you’re taking a more DIY approach, vinegar, bicarbonate powder, and citric acids, to scrub the grout and remove toxins. 

However, we recommend hiring professional help to do tile and grout cleaning for you. They are experts with the best materials available, so you’re guaranteed a proper deep clean.


The amount of bacteria and dirt that accumulates between the fibres of your carpet depends on how much foot traffic there is, whether pets are allowed to roam in those areas or whether shoes are worn. Areas that are subject to all three should be deep cleaned more regularly than other carpets which don’t see as much action.


As a rule, we suggest every carpet should be cleaned at least once a year. Any area of carpet exposed to pet hair, soil or crumbs should be deep cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Any additional hoovering or shampooing will help to increase this time.


Rugs have similar rules to carpets but can be left a little longer. Most rugs should be cleaned every 12 to 18 months but depending on the type of rug you have and how often it’s used.


You should use a customized cleaning formula for your rug depending on how delicate the fibres are. Because rugs are more varied than carpets, it’s an idea to get professionals in to help you out. Some cleaning products can be too strong and can damage your rugs, so be careful if you’re doing it yourself.


It’s recommended that curtains are cleaned every 3 to 6 months, but we can guarantee most households won’t be doing this! Because they receive less direct contact with children, pets and traffic, people don’t consider that curtains need cleaning. 


However, if your curtains stand next to doors that open frequently or drafty windows you should consider how bacteria from outside is being blown onto the fabric. This is on top of any existing dust inside your home.


Hoovering your curtains can help with dust settling but may not remove any bacteria that has worked its way into the fabric. This happens frequently, which is why odors cling onto the fabric of curtains well. Shampooing your curtains is recommended too but be sure to check that the strength of your cleaning products won’t encourage the fabric to deteriorate. 


If you’re unsure, it’s best to leave the deep cleaning to the professionals – this way you can make sure the job is done correctly and the right equipment and products are used.

Final Thoughts

It may have surprised you how frequently your floors and curtains need to be cleaned, but in order to prevent the consequences of bacteria and dust build-up, it’s necessary! If you’re based in Texas and need help with annual deep cleans or emergency cleaning services, be sure to call us on (281) 801-6266 and our professional H-Town team will assist you in whatever way we can.


5 Benefits of Regular Upholstery Cleaning

Remember when your favorite, cozy armchair was brand new? You could sink down into it after a long, hard day and let it ease away the accumulated stresses throughout your day. Head back, feet up, favorite show playing away on your TV. Nothing else quite says, “My work here is done” like enjoying the comfort of home. Why not treat it like it has treated you? 


The common courtesies we proffer to one another like; please, thank you, and gesundheit after a sneeze, are impossible to convey to your inanimate furniture. But cleaning your furniture’s upholstery on a regular basis is a kind of reward for both you and that warm, soft, welcoming couch.


Keep in mind, you’re not the only one getting use out of it. Your family, friends, neighbors, and other guests also benefit from its use. It only stands to reason that regular upkeep can help preserve the comfort and condition of these pieces where we occupy a good deal of our lives, relaxing and spending time with others.


Here are 5 reasons to treat your relaxation pieces to a spa day for themselves with regular upholstery cleaning:

Benefit #1: Get Rid of Dirt

You don’t clean yourself or your clothing when it’s convenient or when you happen to remember, do you? No, you have a schedule for that.  Dirt and grime on your upholstery can slowly build up over time. Since you see your furniture every day, it’s easy to miss this gradual accumulation.  With regular cleaning, you can restore your upholstery and keep it looking like new.


It’s not just the visible stains you are removing but unseen molds, dead skin cells, bacteria, and untold pathogens that can find their way into the seams and amongst the fibers that make up the weave. These unwelcome visitors should be allowed no quarter. They should be evicted at once!

Benefit #2: Avoid Allergies

Off to the store for more allergy medicine? Did you know that your furniture can be among the most common collection spots for allergens? 


Every time you plop down; an invisible cloud of pollen, dander, dust mites, and other common, sneeze-inducing irritants is delivered to your nose, lungs, and already itchy eyes. Your upholstery can be much kinder to you if you have it cleaned on a regular basis.


We hear a lot of talk these days about the importance of the quality of the air we breathe.  People are buying air purifiers and similar gadgets to help keep pollutants at bay. Those things help, but without regular upholstery cleaning, you’re forcing those devices to work overtime as you keep recycling dust, dander, mites, mold, and other irritants back into the air.

Benefit #3: Better Appearance

You’ve invited some coworkers over for a weekend brunch to discuss plans for the upcoming week. The table is set, the food is ready, the chairs are sticky, and your meeting is all set. Wait… what … sticky? Accumulation of dust, smoke, and other pollutants can leave your upholstery looking dingy and feeling sticky. Your upholstery needs regular cleaning so there can be no build-up.

Benefit #4: Remove Odors

Fido may be adorable, but a stickler for cleanliness he is not! Neither is Uncle Fred, for that matter. He’s great, and the life of the party, but cigar smoke sticks around longer than he does. Upholstery fibers are good at trapping and releasing these foul-smelling culprits. If you clean your upholstery at regular intervals you can alleviate odors caused by Freds and pets.  

Benefit #5: Improved Durability

You spent precious time and hard-earned money selecting and purchasing your furniture. The dirt you bring in from your travels can be abrasive and hard on your upholstery; wearing away at the fibers and seams until one day, not unlike Frasier’s dad, you find yourself repairing rips and tears with duct tape. Regular upholstery cleaning can extend its life and protect your investment.

Final Thoughts

Your furniture sees a lot of activity and its upholstery is the barrier between structure and environment that provides beauty and comfort on the outside while protecting the functional parts inside. Its regular cleaning and care is the best, easiest, and most important way to ensure it stays looking and feeling as new as possible. 


Your house has walls and a roof to keep out the harshness of the elements, but you unwittingly bring them in with you daily. It is important to clean your upholstery on a regular basis so you can keep enjoying the furniture you love for years to come. Leave it in the hands of our experts at H-Town Steam

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned Regularly

You probably don’t give your air ducts much thought when they are working well. However, having them cleaned regularly has many benefits. It will keep your HVAC system running efficiently, your home cleaner, and your family healthier. Here are five reasons you should have your air ducts cleaned regularly. 

  1. HVAC Efficiency

When your air ducts become clogged with dust, pet dander, mold, or other particles, your heating and cooling systems have to work much harder to circulate air. To keep your home comfortable in hot weather and cold, have your air ducts cleaned on a regular basis. This will allow air to circulate freely and evenly throughout your home. 


When ducts are clean, your system will not have to run as long or work as hard to keep your house comfortable. Filters will stay clean longer, further increasing the efficiency of your system. An efficient HVAC system uses less energy, keeping your home more comfortable and saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

  1. Prevent Major HVAC Problems

Not maintaining your HVAC system with regular cleaning will likely lead to costly repairs. You may even have to replace your whole system prematurely. You can easily extend the life of your HVAC system by having your air ducts cleaned regularly. Cleaning is also an opportunity to have any leaks or problems diagnosed early before they become more serious. 


A well-maintained HVAC system will generally have a long lifespan, without requiring major repairs. This will save you significant money over time. It will also prevent the unnecessary hassle and discomfort of a system that breaks down or stops working when you need it most. 

  1. Eliminate Allergens

Dust, dirt, and pet dander tend to collect in air ducts. If air ducts aren’t cleaned regularly, the air circulating in your home will be contaminated with these allergens. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, regular cleaning will significantly improve their health. 


Even if no one in your home suffers from allergies, eliminating dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the air will greatly improve air quality. Healthy individuals are still susceptible to respiratory irritation from allergens and air contaminants. Improving air quality in your home will keep everyone comfortable and improve long-term health. 

  1. A Cleaner Home

If you are tired of having to dust every day, dirty air ducts may be to blame. When dust accumulates in air ducts, it is constantly circulated throughout your home. Filters become unable to trap the large amounts of dust and particles moving through your system. Even shortly after cleaning, you may notice dust already beginning to resettle on surfaces in your home while your system is running. 


Having air ducts cleaned regularly will keep your home looking cleaner with less effort. Your system will circulate clean air instead of pushing around dust. This will save you time and energy and keep your home looking its best. 

  1. Eliminate Odors

When contaminants such as mold, dust, and bacteria accumulate in air ducts, they can cause musty or foul smells. Having your air ducts cleaned regularly will keep ducts free of contaminants. Another cause of nasty odors coming from your ducts is one you may not want to think about: nests and droppings from insects and rodents. Professional air duct cleaning will eliminate pests that have made themselves at home in your system.  


Regular air duct cleaning will help to eliminate musty and foul odors and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Clean air ducts can help eliminate the need for artificial air fresheners. This creates a secondary health benefit for your family, as many air fresheners contain irritants, compounding the problem caused by dirty ducts. 

Final Thoughts


If you’re like most people, you never realized how your air ducts affect your entire home. Now that you know how important it is to have your ducts cleaned regularly, and how doing so will likely save you money in the long run, get a free estimate today by contacting our team at  H-Town Steam. 


You can call to have a professional, qualified technician come to your home to inspect and clean your ducts. You will have peace of mind knowing you are protecting your home and your family!

5 Best Things About Living in Spring, TX

Spring, TX is a suburb that’s full of friendly people, outdoor recreations, and job opportunities. With a population of just over 61,000 people, the area truly has a lot to offer. It’s a great place to live if you want to be near the city and still have space for your family. This article looks at 5 of the best things about living in Spring, TX, from a local’s perspective.

Friendly neighbors everywhere

Spring is a great place to live because of the friendly people. There are many neighborhoods and subdivisions that have strong community involvement. You’ll also find many events happening throughout the year, whether it’s a charity for underprivileged children or a waste management campaign funded by the local government.

Indeed, the people in Spring are some of the nicest around. The area has a large community that loves to get together and celebrate. It’s full of families with children who all work together to make sure that everyone feels welcome in their neighborhood, making it a great place to raise children or start a family.

Great place to enjoy the outdoors

Spring is a great place to enjoy the outdoors. The town offers access to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the state. Here you have access to the wide expanses of greenery, densely forested areas, flowing rivers, and blooming flora.

At Mercer Botanic Gardens, you can see stunning flower species such as daisies, daylilies, and other lovely flora. You can also enjoy 40 miles of biking and hiking trails at the stunning Spring Creek Greenway. Don’t miss out on Pundt Park, where you can go hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and picnicking on its 380 acres of open space.

It’s close to Downtown Houston

Spring is located in the northern part of Harris County and is just 25 miles north of downtown Houston. It is a small town, but it’s close enough to downtown that you can take advantage of all the city has to offer. Living near the major metropolis means that you can be in the middle of all the action, but still feel like you have your own little slice of heaven on earth.

Spring is also a short distance from the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin. The 3-hour drive to these major cities is a great opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a weekend getaway if you ever want a change of scenery. 

Plenty of job opportunities

When you live in Spring, you have plenty of job opportunities nearby. There are several large employers in the area including ExxonMobil. Spring has a growing economy and an increasing number of companies hiring, which means that there are always opportunities waiting for you around town.

Spring also doesn’t appear to be short on employment opportunities. There are several job options available, including those in manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. It has a strong economy supported by numerous large corporations that have locations there, including Shell, H-E-B, and Deloitte. 

Affordable cost of living

One of best things about living in Spring is that it’s very affordable, especially for those who don’t have a lot of money to spend. The median household income in Spring is $73,467, which is 8.8% higher than the national average. There are also plenty of homes for sale under $200,000 and many apartments available for less than $1,500 per month.

To be precise, the median home price in this town is $193,000 compared to the national average of $231,000. This means Spring’s real estate prices are 20% lower than those nationwide. The median average rent in Spring is also $1,057, which is already a considered good deal.


There are a lot of great things about living in Spring, TX. If you’re thinking about moving here, be sure to make the most of these great features. And even if you don’t plan to live in Spring, there’s no harm in knowing what’s out there. Who knows? You might be able to find something new to love, even if it’s not near you.

Thinking about moving to Spring, TX? You may want to clean your carpets in preparation. If you’re looking for a company that you can trust when it comes to carpet cleaning, give H-Town Steam a call today! We are proud to offer our customers the best services possible when it comes to carpet cleaning, natural stone restoration, power washing, and many more.

The Rise of COVID-19 and How Cleaning Companies Can Keep It at Bay

The Rise of COVID-19 and How Cleaning Companies Can Keep It at Bay

Covid-19 cleaning companies


The Rise of COVID-19 and How Cleaning Companies Can Keep It at Bay

For many Americans, the last couple of months have consisted of take-out orders, social distancing, and government orders to stay at home. While all of these rules and regulations have arisen and become commonplace as a result of the spread of COVID-19, the most prevalent effect of COVID-19 has been fear. There is fear for those who are at a high-risk of contracting the illness, such as those working in healthcare or in essential businesses, fear for those who have gotten the illness, fear for the state of the American economy, and fear that our friends, family members, and even us personally will somehow contract the virus. With all of the media headlines reporting the numbers of cases and deaths alike, as well as the impact on businesses, experiencing fear over COVID-19’s effects is certainly a valid response. However, there are specific actions that we can take that can not only reduce our chances of catching or passing on COVID-19 to others, but also possibly alleviate some of our strongest concerns related to the virus.

While wearing a mask when you go to purchase your groceries or distancing yourself from others when in public are both important measures you can take to prevent the spread of the disease, cleaning procedures are equally significant in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. As far as cleaning procedures go, you may be thinking that washing your hands and wiping off your grocery cart are the most essential aspects of cleaning in the fight against COVID-19. However, maintaining a clean home and workplace environment is just as important as wiping off the carts at the store and washing your hands.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some studies indicate that SARS-CoV-2, or novel coronavirus, can live on different types of surfaces for the duration of hours and possibly even days.* If you are working at an essential business or have had to go purchase food or supplies from a local store, there is possibility that you may have come in contact with the virus and brought it home. Based on what the CDC says about the virus’s ability to survive on surfaces for hours or days, COVID-19 could be lingering on a variety of surfaces in your home, posing a threat to you, your loved ones and guests in your home or business. Making sure to clean off and disinfect surfaces that are touched on a regular basis, such as doorknobs and countertops, is vital. However, having a cleaning company come and perform the following services is another great way to protect yourself and others from becoming sick from COVID-19 or, at the very least, lessen its impact on your health.


Tile and grout can be found all over your home. You may have tile flooring, a tile backsplash in your kitchen, and tile covering your shower in your bathroom. All of these areas are touched or come into contact with someone on a regular basis, so there is a possibility that they could become contaminated with coronavirus.

While you may have powerful household cleaners in your home, you may not have the right equipment to thoroughly clean your tile. Professional cleaning companies have high-powered equipment that can remove contaminants from your tile and grout, leaving a sanitized, safe surface behind.

Tile grout cleaning
Carpet and rug cleaning


Not only can germs and viruses, like coronavirus, remain on hard surfaces like tile, but it can also stay viable on soft surfaces, like carpeting and rugs.* Unfortunately, vacuuming only removes dirt and germs from the top layer of carpeting and rugs. This means that every time you walk across your kitchen or living room rug or the carpet in your bedroom, you are pushing contaminants and pollutants, like coronavirus, down further.

In order to properly remove these pollutants and contaminants from the depths of your carpets or rugs, hiring a cleaning company is your best bet. Cleaning companies have the ability to remove these particles from the bottom of your carpeting because they use powerful, deep-cleaning equipment and steam. Since steam has such a high temperature, it has the power to kill many pathogens, and possibly viruses like COVID-19. So, if you are looking to remove germs and bacteria from your rugs and carpeting, it is worth the money to hire a professional cleaning company.


If you have been staying at home and catching up on your favorite television shows, you probably feel like your upholstered couch has become your new sanctuary during the era of coronavirus. It has become the central location for entertainment and possibly even dining. If you have been exposed to the coronavirus and are spending the majority of your time on your upholstered sofa in your living room, there is a good chance that the virus is also taking up residence there.

Unfortunately, every single time you go to sit or lay on your sofa, there is a possibility that you are helping germs and contaminants, such as coronavirus, move into the air, increasing the chances of it being spread. Hiring a professional cleaning company to come clean your upholstered furniture can help keep this from occurring. Professional cleaning companies have the equipment and cleaning products to kill germs residing on your upholstered furniture without damaging it. Not only can an upholstery cleaning service make your furniture look brand new, but it can also deeply cleanse it and improve your home’s overall air quality and sanitation.

Carpet and rug cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning


If it has been awhile since you have cleaned your air ducts, you are probably paying too much on your electric bill and breathing in pollutants that can cause a wide array of health conditions. Your air ducts are constantly circulating air throughout the day. If you or a loved one have the coronavirus and cough, there is potential that the air could contaminate your air ducts and be recirculated. As a result, the virus could come into contact with someone else if your air ducts are not properly cleaned. Not to mention, dirt and dust may exacerbate other issues, like allergies, which may worsen the symptoms of COVID-19 should you become infected.

Having a cleaning crew clean your air ducts can keep these problems at bay. They have professional equipment and expertise to effectively clean your ducts and improve your home’s air quality, helping keep you and your loved ones healthy.

While there are measures you can take to aid in suppressing COVID-19 or its negative effects, hiring a professional cleaning company will not only result in a deeply-cleaned and sanitized home, but it will also improve the look of your furniture, flooring, and carpeting. Not to mention, it will give you peace of mind.

A clean home is a healthy home, so contact us today to keep you and your loved ones safe from coronavirus and other health concerns!

Why Hire H-Town Steam for Commercial Carpet Cleaning



Having your carpet cleaned on a regular basis is a good way to maximize the life of the carpet. With time, dirt, dust, spilled drinks, pet stains, and much more can degrade your carpet. With high traffic, undesirable contamination and filth can get trapped deep into carpet fibers. While routine vacuuming at the office is a great way to maintain your carpet on a daily basis, it simply cannot penetrate deep enough into the carpet fibers. H-Town Steam offers commercial carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX! Our staff is equipped with commercial-grade carpet cleaners that can handle any job! Having your carpets professionally cleaned has numerous benefits for your office space. Maintaining a clean work environment boosts morale for employees and creates a welcoming environment for potential customers and guests. First impressions are lasting impressions! Every detail counts when maintaining a professional image in the public eye. Keeping your floor detailed shows attention to detail and discipline. When you work with H-Town Steam, we can set up recurring visits to maintain your carpeted areas. Like most things in life, carpets require maintenance.

Neglecting your carpet can lead to premature wear. Not to mention, your carpet fibers can trap a host of bacteria and dirt. Routine cleanings are cost-effective and can improve air quality, rid carpet fibers of bacteria, allergens, dust, pet stains, dirt, and grime. Having H-Town Steam in Houston, TX handle your commercial carpet cleaning needs is a no brainer! There are many competitors in the area that offer the same services, but don’t compare to the quality we deliver. We have years of experience with commercial carpet cleaning. Take a look at our Google reviews and you will see why we have so many return customers! Averaging 4.9/5 stars with 198 reviews is a testament to our workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction! Want to learn more? Give us a call today at (281) 206-8087.


The methods used today in carpet cleaning are far superior to anything you can rent from a store or buy online. The services are completely different from DIY techniques. When technicians arrive at your house, they will be able to identify stains, worn areas, spots needing special attention or repair, and the specific type of carpet fiber being treated. To start the job a technician will vacuum any loose soil with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner. Once completed, they will loosen up lurking dirt and debris. A conditioning agent is used to break up any ingrained dirt from the carpet fibers to make for easy extraction. Once the type of carpet you have has been identified, a specific cleaning method will be used to treat the carpet properly. Steam cleaning has become a standard in the industry for its effectiveness. A special wand shoots a stream of hot water into the carpet. Simultaneously the dirt is loosened and then sucked out by the vacuum before it has time to be deposited back in the carpet.

H-town carpet cleaning team
Hiring Professionals


Having H-Town Steam in Houston, TX handle your commercial carpet cleaning needs is a no brainer! There are many competitors in the area that offer the same services, but don’t compare to the quality we deliver. We have years of experience with commercial carpet cleaning. Take a look at our Google reviews and you will see why we have so many return customers! Averaging 4.9/5 stars with 198 reviews is a testament to our workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction! There are several DIY cleaning kits and companies that promise results they just simply can’t deliver. When you hire H-Town Steam in Houston, TX for your commercial carpet cleaning needs, it is backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. With years of experience, our technicians have seen it all.

We always use cleaning solutions that are effective in removing stains and safe for the environment. Our powerful truck-mounted cleaning equipment is strong enough to extract dirt deep in carpet fibers that ordinary vacuums can’t. After we clean carpets using the hot water extraction method, we will use our commercial-grade vacuums to pull out any excess moisture or cleaning solution. Cleaning your carpets periodically is beneficial for everyone. Cleanings prolong the life of your carpet, improve air quality, and create a healthier workspace overall.


H-Town Steams commercial carpet cleaning services in Houston, TX can save you time and money in the long run. Having us do the dirty work for you is a no brainer! These projects can take hours if not properly equipped. Our trained technicians paired with our commercial-grade cleaning equipment can knock out carpet cleanings in no time! Thinking about replacing your carpets? Think again! Cleaning carpets is a much cheaper alternative to replacing. We can be in and out in no time. Hiring contractors to replace carpeting can be a long and tedious project. At a fraction of the time required, we can clean your carpets ridding them of filth in no time!

Save time and money
Vision and Mission


H-Town Steam strives to give you the best commercial carpet cleaning in Houston, TX. As a locally owned family business, we take pride in our work and really enjoy making customers satisfied. Not only does it make us feel great seeing a smile on your face, but it also keeps us motivated to provide the best services in town. If you look at our reviews, you will see a ton of them saying how much they enjoyed having us in their home while providing superior carpet cleaning.


Travertine tiles are fabricated with limestone. These tiles are known for having a crystalized appearance and earthy tones. Like marble, this material is soft and porous with divots naturally occurring. It is virtually impossible to polish or hone this material until the divots get completely filled. This material can be scratched easily and requires special care when it is being sealed. Once again, this tile is not to be used in high foot traffic areas.

Commercial carpet cleaning may seem like a simple task leading people to choose unqualified contractors. Be very careful! A lot of commercial carpet cleaning companies in Houston, TX will take shortcuts and not follow the strict guidelines H-Town Steam sets. Cheaper carpet cleaning services may do harm than good to your carpets. Incorrect techniques may leave your valuable flooring useless. Improper cleaning can leave carpets a soggy mess where bacteria will fester. Maintaining a clean facility is key in portraying success to your customers. Our routine carpet cleaning services benefit everyone! Employee’s work in a healthier cleaner work environment and customers get to see a well kept and organized business.

Watch out for scams
Satisfaction Guaranteed


Only the best carpet cleaning companies will stand behind their services and products with a guarantee on workmanship. If a spot is missed, we will come back to sort it out and make things right with the customer. Our technicians will maintain communication with customers leading up to any cleaning. We pride ourselves on being on time and delivering incredible results for any cleaning service. We employ highly skilled technicians who are familiar with every kind of floor. With lots of experience comes valuable knowledge in restoring high traffic areas. We can tackle every kind of stain and treat any carpet fiber. Our detailed cleaning process will significantly improve the overall look of your carpet and reduce foul odors and colors embedded within.


H-Town Steam offers the BEST commercial carpet cleaning service in Houston, TX!
With years of experience managing industrial and commercial cleaning jobs of all types, you can trust that we have the experience and knowledge to do the job. Having us maintain your workplace with commercial carpet cleanings allows you to spend more time at work or doing the things you love. Give us a call today to discover how we can help your business!


Why Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Is Worth It


tile cleaning with sponge


Having your floors cleaned professionally on a regular basis can help with prolonging the life of flooring materials. Sweeping and mopping on a regular basis are effective, but with time is not enough. Tiles become dull as they age and build up dirt and dust in grout lines. H-Town Steam in Houston, TX specializes in removing dirt, grime, and sludge build up on tile and grout. Our high powered cleaners and technicians will restore old dirty tile and grout and make it look like new! DIY cleaning products promise results they simply can’t deliver. Our top of the line cleaning equipment is powerful enough to extract dirt trapped in tile and grout from years back.

Taking on tile and grout cleaning by yourself can be a time consuming and labor intensive job. Simply scrubbing grout violently for hours will not effectively remove the filth from your floor. In fact, you may just be pushing around and re-depositing old dirt and grime. For tile and grout cleaning, you need the right tool for the right job. H-Town Steam is equipped with powerful equipment to clean your floor better than over the counter products. These cleaning services are usually a two person job. One technician will be scrubbing the floors with specialized tools while the other is using the truck mounted equipment designed for high pressure extracting and rinsing. Our crew has perfected this process with results you will be satisfied with.


Having your tile and grout professionally not only makes your floors look better, but it keeps them sanitized. This helps create a healthier living space. Harmful bacteria and other contaminants trapped in your floor are extracted. It is best to leave tile and grout cleaning to the professionals to prevent any damage during the process. Scrubbing too hard and using the wrong cleaning products can damage or ruin the material used in your floor. Improper cleaning can cause tiles to look aged, crack them, and ruin grout lines. Our techniques have been perfected to clean stains, clear dirt, mold, and grime making your tile and gout look like new without damaging it.

A common mistake is for homeowners to use household cleaning products to clean tile and grout. It is possible to do more harm than good. Many DIY cleaning products are too harsh and can cause damage or yellowing to your grout. Also breathing in a host of different chemicals is hazardous for your health. With years of experience, we know how different tile materials will behave with different cleaning solutions. For instance, stone requires and unexpected cleaner compared to clay tiles. H-Town Steam is well versed with the specialized cleaning needs of all kinds of floors. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

clean tiles
clean floors


Beautiful walls and floors can be one of the most aesthetic features of a home. It creates a healthy welcoming environment you can relax in after hard days work. At a workplace, a clean floor is a direct reflection of that businesses standards and attention to detail. Having a clean and sanitized floor is important and scheduled cleanings from H-Town Steam in Houston, TX can help keep your workplace or home looking new.

Hiring a contractor to re tile a floor is incredibly expensive and not always necessary. Lack of cleaning and maintenance can lead to premature wear on tile, especially in areas with lots of traffic. Routine cleanings not only rid the surface of microbes, dirt, bacteria, and sludge, but also prolong the life of the tile. Dirty tile and grout creates a negative first impression on guests or customers. Maintaining a clean kept appearance goes a long way! A good tactic used when flipping or selling homes is to restore a tile floor with our cleaning service. Flooring is one of the most noticeable and appreciated aspects of a house when considering one for rent or purchase.


Tiling a floor is becoming a very popular option these days. Tile floors have several benefits over hard wood or carpeted floors. You can choose from a variety of patterns, texture’s, and colors. Every type of tile gets created with different materials making it important to know how to treat tile when cleaning it.

A popular type of tile is ceramic. This tile gets made with clay materials. Once prepared, the clay is then formed into a mold. There are three different methods when creating ceramic; dry press, extruded, and slush mold. Dry press is pretty self explanatory. The material is dried and pressed under extreme pressure to form the tile. Extruded method happens when a wet material is extruded through a mold. The slush molding method is formed when wet material is stirred with a mold and kiln hardened. This process happens at high temperatures. Your traditional ceramic tile non-porcelain. Tiles like this are produced with white, red, or brown clays. Porcelain tiles are created with clay as well with 50% of the mixture being feldspar. The white dust and sand melts into a substance that I similar to glass during the kiln drying process of tile making. Non-porcelain tiles are budget friendly and are easier to work with. Porcelain does offer more durability and resistance to stains.

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Grout cleaning


Another option over ceramic is natural stone. Natural materials are cut and shaped to produce the tile. Customers have hundreds of varieties to choose from. There are many different designs and colors depending on where they got quarried. Granite is very dense and hard. This type sticks out with a unique appearance caused by speckled minerals, and veining within. This material for the most part is scratch and damage resistant once laid. This tile is best used in areas with high foot traffic.

Marble tile doesn’t get used as often as granite tiles do. These tiles come from metamorphic rock, which have rich veining. These tiles are very aesthetic, however they can be very porous. Unlike other tiles, it is predisposed to absorbing liquid rapidly. This material typically isn’t used in kitchens, bathrooms, or areas with a high volume of foot traffic. This tile needs to be honed and sealed on a daily basis.


Travertine tiles are fabricated with limestone. These tiles are known for having a crystalized appearance and earthy tones. Like marble, this material is soft and porous with divots naturally occurring. It is virtually impossible to polish or hone this material until the divots get completely filled. This material can be scratched easily and requires special care when it is being sealed. Once again, this tile is not to be used in high foot traffic areas.

Tiles made from slate tend to be dense and very durable. This category of tile typically comes from darker tones. The texturing in this tile sets it apart from different materials used in tile production. If honed, it can have a smoother feel to it. Like granite, this tile is best used in areas with high foot traffic such as hallways or kitchens.

Building materials today have greatly enhanced the lifetime of tiles. The fact is, ceramic tiles can last 75 years and stone lasts 100 years or more. One key factor in floors lasting the long haul is to have routine cleanings scheduled. H-Town Steam in Houston, TX understands how to clean various surfaces. Dirt, dust, and sand build up can scratch tile and grout compromising the structural integrity of the tile. Leave it up to the professionals to care for your floor to make sure it lasts for years to come!

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Five Reasons to Clean Your Upholstery Today


Five reasons to clean your upholstery


When thinking about how you keep your home clean on a regular basis, more than likely several chores come to mind. Some of your routine cleaning tasks probably consist of vacuuming, spraying down glass tables and countertops, cleaning the bathrooms, especially the toilets, and attempting to keep general messes at bay. But what about your upholstery? If you are like most individuals, the majority of the cleaning attention that your upholstery receives is from a vacuum. The vacuum is able to pick up things like dirt, crumbs, or pet hair, making your upholstered furniture look better to the naked eye.

However, the process of vacuuming may not be enough to maintain the levels of cleanliness you expect to achieve for the health of your family or the life of your furniture. You may be asking yourself, “Is it really worth it to have my upholstery professionally cleaned?” The simple answer is yes. There are several reasons why you should have your upholstery professionally cleaned, but here are the top five.


Like most other household surfaces, upholstery is not immune to contaminants or allergens, such as bacteria, mold, or dust mites. Unfortunately, these organisms are not always detectable and can be very hazardous to your health. They can actually contribute to symptoms resulting from allergies, respiratory infections, and even skin rashes. When upholstery is not cleaned on a regular basis, these contaminants will take up residence on your upholstered furniture and spread if they are not eradicated. Often times, the members of your household spend a great deal of time sitting or lying on upholstered pieces of furniture, such as the living room couches. This is where they take naps, play video games, watch television, or spend quality time with their loved ones, including pets. Your family’s skin, noses, mouths, and ears are frequently coming into contact with these organisms, ultimately increasing the likelihood that your family members will develop health issues. Not to mention, every time someone plops down into their beloved, comfy chair to binge-watch the last season of their favorite television show, those hazardous microorganisms are being released into the air. This can negatively impact your home’s air quality, increasing potential health risks in your home.

Unfortunately, while vacuuming is effective at sucking up dirt and pet hair, it is not able to disinfect or cleanse your upholstery more than superficially. This is necessary to truly remove the irritants and pollutants that can become hazardous to one’s health if left unchecked. Professional cleaning companies possess the right equipment and products for your specific type of upholstery that are also able to free your furniture from these microorganisms. By having your upholstery cleaned on a routine basis, you are protecting your family’s health, and we all know that a healthy family is also a happy one.

Family Health Upholstery Cleaning
Family Health Upholstery Cleaning


Most people would agree that anything that is cleaned frequently looks better. When carpets are cleaned, they look even better than before. When your countertops are wiped down after a meal, they seem to shine even brighter. The same goes for your upholstery. If your upholstery is exposed to frequent traffic of pet paws, eating, drinking, or people just hanging out, it is inevitable that it will be subjected to dirt, grime, staining, or pollutants. This collection of dirt and other impurities can adversely impact the appearance of your favorite sofa or chairs. It can even discolor or make your furniture look aged and worn if left in peace for too long. Additionally, if you attempt to use your normal cleaning supplies on your furniture, they could cause more harm than good and make the stain look even worse if they are not the proper solution for that particular material of upholstery.

If you choose to hire a professional upholstery cleaning company, they will be able to thoroughly cleanse your upholstered furniture and remove stubborn dirt and stains. They can also pick the best products to use whether your cushions are upholstered with leather or polyester. Between the right products and deep cleaning equipment and techniques, a professional cleaning company can help keep your furniture looking its best.


Furniture can be one of the most expensive household items that you purchase, so you want it to last. Your furniture pieces will experience a large amount of activity throughout their lifetimes, between people sitting on them and pets jumping and running all over them, all of which can lead to wear and tear. Dirt that has settled over time can have the same effects on your furniture, causing it to become more susceptible to staining and other damage by affecting the structure of the fibers in the upholstery. Having regular, professional upholstery cleaning is an effective way to eliminate this potentially harmful grime, ultimately making your furniture last so that you can save money in the long run.

Family Health Upholstery Cleaning
Family Health Upholstery Cleaning


For many individuals, the living room has become a center for both snacks and entertainment. It has become a place for watching sports, movies, playing games, and even eating meals. As a result, your living room sofa is now not only the host to you and your loved ones but also to crumbs of food left behind from your most recent movie night or to your beloved pets. While all of these activities are incredibly fun and enjoyable, the aftermath could mean the birth of some very unpleasant odors coming from your sofa and filling up the rest of the house. While you may be able to cover up the smells temporarily with sprays or scented candles, it will not last forever. Hiring a professional cleaning company to deeply clean your furniture can extinguish those lingering odors that continue to cling to your upholstery for dear life, keeping both your upholstered furniture, as well as the rest of your home, smelling fresh.


Even though it may seem expensive to hire a cleaning company to clean your upholstery on a regular basis, it could actually save you money in the long run. You may try to tackle cleaning your upholstery on your own, but you might purchase products that are not appropriate for your type of upholstery, possibly damaging your furniture. This means that you have wasted money on products that do not work and possibly made that stain even worse than it was before. If that is the case, you may actually have to replace the furniture, costing you even more money. Upholstery cleaning companies know what products will work best for your type of upholstery, ultimately saving you money. Additionally, hiring a company will prevent you from wasting your time trying to figure out how to properly clean your furniture or testing out numerous types of products that do not actually work. You will now have more time to spend relaxing on your couch instead of cleaning it.

So, whether you struggle with disagreeable odors or furniture that is beginning to stain, hiring a company to clean your upholstery can rejuvenate your furniture and make you feel even more at home.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Steam Clean Your Carpets Regularly


Helpful Tips


If you have ever bought, rented, or visited someone else’s home, more than likely at least one or some of the rooms had carpets. When choosing a type of flooring for a home, very few can measure up to carpet’s texture and softness to touch, making it one of the most popular types of flooring used in homes across the country. Carpeting comes in a variety of colors, textures, and even materials, making it one of the most versatile categories of flooring as well.

With the wide variety of carpeting available to choose from, homeowners have the ability to choose the right carpeting to suit their home and their needs. Choosing the right carpeting for your home can make it easier for you to maintain the look of your carpet. However, simply choosing the carpet with the right material, texture, or color for your house may not be enough to make it last for years to come. Choosing the right method for cleaning your carpets is a great way to keep your carpets looking new and smelling fresh. Steam cleaning is a great way to keep your carpets clean and beautiful, especially if you have them cleaned on a regular basis by a professional. So, what makes steam cleaning so effective in maintaining your carpet’s health? Here are the reasons why steam cleaning is a must:


Carpets can typically be found all over the house, including living rooms, bonus rooms, and especially bedrooms. These are oftentimes the rooms where there can be a great deal of traffic from people, pets, etc. With this traffic comes unwanted items settling into your carpet that is not only potentially hazardous to your health but is also undetectable to the naked eye. So, even though your carpets might appear fairly clean, there could be a large amount of dust, pet hair, pollen, mold, or bacteria, all of which can negatively impact your health by contributing to allergies and other illnesses. Unfortunately, if these health hazards are left in peace for too long, the frequent foot traffic can actually spread these organisms around, putting you in closer contact with them.

Not to mention, these organisms can actually make stain removal more difficult in the long run. Steam cleaning your carpets regularly can help prevent this build-up of dirt and microorganisms by deeply cleaning your carpets, ultimately protecting you and your family from harm.

Irritants and allergens
carpets looking like new


When carpets are not cleaned frequently, the accumulation of dust, dirt, and hair can result in your carpets looking worn and can even alter the color of your carpeting. This is the result of the collection of dirt actually being able to wear down your carpet’s fibers. Whether you have guests staying with you, are hosting a party, or are putting your home on the market, having clean, fresh carpeting is a great way to make a good impression on your visitors. Carpets that look aged and dirty can have the opposite effect. The process of steam cleaning involves reaching way down into your carpet to lift up even the most hidden layers of dirt, ultimately giving your carpets the deep clean that they need to both feel and look great.

Not to mention if you are like most people, you have probably spilled something on your carpets at one time or another, resulting in a stain that does not seem to budge no matter how much elbow grease and carpet cleaner you seem to use. Steam cleaning can help with those stubborn stains and make your carpets look spotless.


Not only does steam cleaning help remove unwanted dust and grime from your carpets, but it can actually remove lingering, unpleasant odors from your carpeting. Steam cleaning equipment is able to achieve odor removal by disinfecting and removing the causes of foul odors. Using sprays or other cleaning products to freshen your carpets only covers up the smell. Steam cleaning can actually remove the root cause of the undesirable odor rather than just covering it up, helping to keep your carpets smelling fresh and clean for much longer periods of time.

Fresh smelling and clean carpets
vacuuming carpets


At first, vacuuming might seem like the best method of cleaning your carpets. After all, vacuums are effective at picking up dirt, dust, and hair, so it might seem like vacuuming would also pick up the things that you cannot easily see. However, vacuums are only effective at picking up the top layer of dirt, dust, hair, and more. They are not able to reach deep down and pick up the allergens and pollutants that are embedded in the bottom layers of your carpet in the same way that steam cleaning equipment is able to. So even though your carpets might appear clean on the surface, the bottom of your carpeting is still compiling an array of things that could potentially affect yours and your family’s health in a negative way.

Additionally, vacuums are unable to remove bad odors from your carpets. Many foul odors are the result of undisturbed bacteria, mold, or stains, including pet stains, which vacuums cannot easily clear away. The origins of these smells require a much more thorough and deep-down cleaning, which can be achieved through the process of steam cleaning.


If you decide to steam clean the carpets in your home, it is particularly advantageous to hire a professional cleaning company to take on the task. Professional cleaning companies perform the steam cleaning process on a regular basis, so they fully understand how to properly perform the procedure for optimum results. Additionally, professional cleaning companies know what equipment to use to penetrate the depths of your carpeting and lift up stains, grime, and unpleasant aromas. Purchasing high-end steam cleaning equipment or renting it can be costly in regard to expenses and cleaning ability in the long term.

Furthermore, many carpet-cleaning companies use eco-friendly products to protect both you and the environment. Professional steam cleaning companies also have the experience and expertise to recommend an appropriate maintenance schedule to fit yours, as well as your carpet’s needs. Their professional recommendations can assist you in achieving unblemished carpets year-round. So whether you are looking to protect the health of your friends and family or to simply keep your carpets looking and feeling clean and soft, it is worth it to hire a professional steam cleaning company.

cleansing your carpets

Carpet Care


Save thousands with carpet care


Just like with everything, if you take care of something, it will generally last longer and look better throughout the life of the product. With carpets, this is definitely true. H-Town Steam not only knows how to make carpets look great but uses safe, non-toxic products as well for families and those with pets.

With new carpet or hardwood flooring, the cost can exceed $10,000 depending on the square footage of your home. At a fraction of the price, you can use H-Town Steams professional carpet cleaning services and it will feel like you just had brand new flooring installed.


We know that sometimes you want to save money and do the job yourself. That is awesome, but be careful! A lot of the times, the cheap equipment that you purchase at your local store can actually damage your carpets. With our steam cleaning equipment, we have incredible suction power to soak up all the nasty stuff that has been in your carpets over the years.

“I tried cleaning my carpets myself, but I ended up making them look worse. Thankfully, H-Town Steam was able to come that day and help me out.”

Caring for carpet
carpet lifespan


This is a tough answer to give, but generally speaking with proper care, your carpet could last up to 20 years! Now, this can vary based on the traffic and quality of carpet you have. The best chance you have to make your carpets last is with the help of H-Town Steam professional cleaning. We will guide you in the right way every time!

If your carpets are looking rough, just try us out to see the true power of our steam cleaning equipment. We love to make you happy and see you save money. All of our technicians are professionally trained and ready to go when you are.


If you are serious about taking care of your carpets, then you will save some serious money. We love providng the best deals in Houston and surrounding cities. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are ready to help!

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