Carpet Care

We’re on a mission to make your carpet look like new!

Taking care of your carpet can save you thousands of dollars.

Just like with everything, if you take care of something, it will generally last longer and look better throughout the life of the product. With carpets, this is definitely true. H-Town Steam not only knows how to make carpets look great but uses safe, non-toxic products as well for families and those with pets.

With new carpet or hardwood flooring, the cost can exceed $10,000 depending on the square footage of your home. At a fraction of the price, you can use H-Town Steams professional carpet cleaning services and it will feel like you just had brand new flooring installed.

Careful on the products you use.

We know that sometimes you want to save money and do the job yourself. That is awesome, but be careful! A lot of the times, the cheap equipment that you purchase at your local store can actually damage your carpets. With our steam cleaning equipment, we have incredible suction power to soak up all the nasty stuff that has been in your carpets over the years.

I tried cleaning my carpets myself, but I ended up making them look worse. Thankfully, H-Town Steam was able to come that day and help me out.

How long should your carpet last?

This is a tough answer to give, but generally speaking with proper care, your carpet could last up to 20 years! Now, this can vary based on the traffic and quality of carpet you have. The best chance you have to make your carpets last is with the help of H-Town Steam professional cleaning. We will guide you in the right way every time!

If your carpets are looking rough, just try us out to see the true power of our steam cleaning equipment. We love to make you happy and see you save money. All of our technicians are professionally trained and ready to go when you are.


If you are serious about taking care of your carpets, then you will save some serious money. We love providng the best deals in Houston and surrounding cities. Feel free to contact us anytime, we are ready to help!