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There’s one guarantee when it comes to having a carpet in your home – it will require professional cleaning from time to time in order for it to look good. It’s just one of those things that come with having carpet.

A professional carpet cleaning by a qualified cleaner, like H-Town Steam, offers a host of benefits to both your health and the health of the carpet which makes it worth doing routinely.

    Steam Cleaning is the Only Way To Have a Truly Clean Carpet

    The key to having a truly clean carpet is to use a professional-grade steam cleaning method. A steam clean, also known as “hot water extraction”, involves blasting hot water mixed with a cleaning solution at a high temperature into the carpet. This ensures that the entire carpet is cleaned rather than just the surface. 

    The second step of steam cleaning involves removing all the water, by extracting it out with a vacuum. This step is to guarantee that all the dirt and debris are fully removed from the carpet. It’s the only method for carpet cleaning that ensures a clean carpet. 

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    Extend The Life of Your Carpet with Steam Cleaning

    Every carpet has a lifespan, which is determined by the amount of use that the carpet receives. However, having a dirty carpet for too long will greatly reduce its lifespan because all the dirt will slowly wear down the carpet fiber. 

    Vacuuming the carpet on a regular basis removes some of the dirt and is something that you should do. But don’t let vacuuming give you a false sense of security. A consumer-grade vacuum cleaner will only remove surface-level dirt from a carpet. Your average vacuum cleaner simply does not have the suction power to remove the dirt embedded in your carpet.

    DIY Methods Won’t Remove All The Contaminants in Your Carpet

    A common misconception is that do-it-yourself carpet cleaning methods are as good as professional cleaning, but these methods are not comparable to professional hot water extraction carpet cleaning.
    These methods typically involve renting a carpet cleaning machine from a hardware store.

    Unfortunately, these machines are consumer-grade rather than commercial-grade, which means they are underpowered. An underpowered machine will not allow the water to penetrate deeply into the carpet, so it will not fully clean the carpet.
    Consumer-grade machines also do not have high-powered vacuums, so they leave some of that dirty water behind in the carpet.

    With all this in mind, a consumer-grade carpet cleaning machine just is not going to cut it when it comes to cleaning a carpet. They aren’t strong enough to remove all the stains, dirt, and debris from your carpet. In fact, some of the weaker consumer-grade machines simply spread the dirt around the carpet and don’t actually clean it.

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    Carpet Cleaning removing mites

    Steam Cleaning Removes Dust Mites That Live in Your Carpet

    Most homeowners don’t think about the possibility of dust mites living in their carpet, but these microscopic creatures very often take up residency in the fibers of your carpet. It’s already gross enough when they stay within the carpet. But dust mites can also become airborne, which makes them dangerous as they can become inhalable at that point.

    Have you ever had trouble breathing or felt itchy during or after vacuuming your carpet? This may be a sign that you have dust mites in your carpet. Simply vacuuming your carpet can cause dust mites to become airborne and they can irritate your lungs causing a coughing fit or making your skin itchy.

    Hot water extraction carpet cleaning from H-Town Steam will completely eliminate the dust mites from your carpet. The last thing you want is these microscopic creatures getting into your loved ones’, pets’, or your own respiratory system.

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Removes Stains With Ease

    Your carpets can get stained extremely easily. All it takes is for you to accidentally spill your drink on your carpet, your pet to have an accident or a host of other possibilities. That’s just the reality of having carpets – they stain extremely easily. 

    Some homeowners simply cover up the stain with furniture or a rug. But that’s only a temporary fix because eventually, you’ll run out of room. And what do you do when one day you want to change the layout of the furniture in your home? And not removing stains will greatly reduce the lifespan of your carpet. 

    The good news is that professional carpet cleaning will remove the stains from your carpet. In fact, your carpet will look nearly brand new after it receives a hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Yes, professional carpet cleaning really is that good at turning around a stained carpet!

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    Your Carpet Will Dry Fast After Cleaning

    One reason homeowners don’t clean their carpets more often is they have misconceptions about how long it will take their carpets to dry after cleaning. This misconception exists because consumer-grade carpet cleaners do not remove enough of the water used to clean it.
    This means it can take hours, or even days, for a carpet to dry after cleaning with a consumer-grade carpet cleaner.
    But this all changes when using a professional-grade hot water extraction carpet cleaner. These machines extract nearly all of the dirty water from the carpet because the vacuums on them are so powerful. Because of this method of extraction, the carpet takes significantly less time to dry since it’s not soaking wet after cleaning.
    There’s no need to step on a wet carpet when you have your carpet cleaned by someone using a commercial-grade hot water extraction machine like the ones we use at H-Town Steam. Our carpet cleaners have so much power that your carpet will dry quickly and will look like new.
    We’re a family owned business and treat our customers like family by providing the best service at great prices. Contact us today to experience what it’s like to have a carpet cleaned professionally by our professional staff at H-Town Steam.

    You have questions and we have answers!

    Can carpet cleaning remove pet and dye stains?

    Yes proper carpet cleaning techniques preformed by a professional company can remove the deepest pet and dye stains you have in your carpet. Houston Steam Clean has been helping removing these stains in Spring, TX for multiple years!

    Are your chemicals family and pet safe?

    Yes! All of our chemicals are safe for your family, loved ones and pets. In fact, they will even help your carpets smell and feel fresher for longer!

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