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For the best carpet cleaning in Spring TX, choose your local Family-Owned and operated company whose core values are honesty, integrity, and reliability. We know that choosing a local carpet cleaner to enter your home and clean your belongings is not an easy choice. With H-Town Steam, you can rest assured the great technicians we hire is someone you would be glad to invite in your home as a guest.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #1

What method of carpet cleaning is the best?

Great question! The two largest manufacturers of carpeting say Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) is by far the best. We have also tested multiple types of cleaning and Steam Cleaning has the best results by far! Our equipment is ran from our vans giving high powered suction for the perfect cleaning. The issue with at-home carpet cleaning equipment is that they do not provide strong enough suction to lift all of the nasty stuff in your carpets including the soap that they spray out! This causes foul odors and actually damages your carpets! We have invested in the best machines and equipment to properly clean, rinse and dry your carpets for the most thorough long-lasting clean and fastest drying times in Spring TX. We make it easy for you to know who to call when it comes to carpet cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #2

How long will it take for my carpet to dry and can I walk on it?

Most carpets are dry shortly after we leave. We have very strong equipment and a rapid drying process. Drying times do vary on the type of carpet and size of the square footage of your carpet. You are able to walk on your carpet while it is drying, but we recommend that you try to keep it minimal with protective sleeves on your feet for the best results possible. Clean socks are also okay. Be careful though, having wet feet can make it slippery and cause you to fall!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question #3

Are your products safe for my family and our environment?

H-Town Steam does extensive research on all products that we use to ensure that they are safe and effective! We use green sealed approved and environmentally friendly products. We also use E.P.A certified green products for protecting your carpets and upholstery after cleanings. A lot of the cheap companies you see will have harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions for your pets and children so BEWARE! Our products are the best in the business! We refuse to cut corners and our 5-star reviews reflect that. Your family and pets are safe with us!


H-Town Steam is the best carpet cleaning in Srping TX!

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We are proud to be the best carpet cleaning company in Spring TX. If you don’t believe us, just check out our amazing Google Reviews!

We truly care about your home as we know it is important to you. You will always feel comfortable and see why our employees love to work for H-Town Steam as well. Treating our employees with respect and kindness is the reason behind our success.