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Why choose us?

H-Town Steam provides superior carpet cleaning services in Sugar Land TX! No matter if is your home or business, we are confident we can make your carpets look great again! We offer both one-time cleanings and recurring cleanings.

We do recommend that you get regular cleanings as this will save you money in the long run from replacing your carpets! If you have pet stains, no worries! We have a safe and effective method of getting those nasty stains out while sanitizing the area at the same time.

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Powerful Stain Removal

No matter what type of stains are in your carpet, we are confident that the power of steam cleaning can get that stain out!

H-Town Steam has an incredible pet stain removal that will leave you shocked! We use a combination of our strong, eco-friendly cleanser along with powerful steam cleaning. This will get out 99% of pet stains! It is best to give us a call as soon as the stain happens so that we can ensure your carpets will look new again.

Food and drink stands are no problem to get out as well! With hosting parties or having family over for the holidays, we know that it can get messy. Especially with that one relative… Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions on getting out those tough stains!

Carpet Cleaning Safe For Your Family

H-Town Steam uses a safe and effective cleaning products safe for your entire family including pets. We will never use any harsh or dangerous products that could have negative side effects!

The best part about steam cleaning is it can also improve the air quality of your home! Believe it or not, the amount of dust and dust mites crawling around in your carpet can cause you or your family to have allergies. When you steam clean, it gets rid of a substantial amount of dirt, dust and dust mites. Let H-Town Steam give your home a refreshed, new feel today!

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Amazing results from Steam Cleaning

If you are thinking about trying to save some money by cleaning your carpets yourself, think again!

Not only will the equipment and cleaning products cost you over $100 but it will also give you a subpar cleaning that can actually do more harm than good.

The issue with do-it-yourself carpet cleaners is that it lacks suction power. When you leave that water in your carpets, it traps in all the dirt and dust that was supposed to be extracted from your carpets!

H-Town Steam has high powered suction equipment that is able to get all of the nasty stuff out of your carpets while making them look great!

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H-Town Steam is the best carpet cleaning in Sugar Land TX!

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We are proud to be the best carpet cleaning company in Sugar Land TX. View our amazing Google Reviews!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call, text or even send us a message on Facebook. We are here to help make your life easier and cleaner at the same time!