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Decorating your home with area rugs serve an important purpose in your home. Unfortunately, the can be a trap for collecting bacteria, allergens, and other particles acting like a giant filter in your home. Vacuum cleaners are unable to completely remove contaminants and can kick particles up in the air reducing air quality. Just like any filter, they need to be changed!


Many people are unaware of the potential for mold growth on rugs. Areas in the house with high humidity levels are more prone to this. When you combine high humidity with dirty carpets and rugs, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Bacteria can get embedded deep in the carpeted fibers requiring professional-grade equipment for extraction. Regular cleaning intervals can prevent mold and mildew growth. Our cleaners have high powered drying tools that eradicate moisture, a key ingredient for bacteria growth. Ridding your rugs of bacteria improves the smell of the room and creates a healthier environment to live in.

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About H-Town Steam

H-town Steam started as a two-man operation between two hard workers who always had the drive to do more for their customers because it just felt right.
Both of our owners come from service-oriented backgrounds with a heavy focus on customer care and satisfaction.

Owners Aaron and Chris knew that professionalism and positive attitude was something their company would focus on bringing to an industry that was lacking in those areas. Since their launch, H-Town Steam and their employees have serviced hundreds of satisfied customers that now rely on us for all of their homes cleaning needs. H-Town Steam is your trusted cleaning company that you can not only rely on, but enjoy being around with amazing results!

We know that inviting strangers in your home can sometimes be stressful. You never know who they are or if they might take something valuable from you. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we hold ourselves to a strict, ethical standard. Our trained employees are not only great at what they do, but they are also great people to be around.

H-Town Steam differentiates itself from other companies by having the best employees in Houston.
Once you hire us once, you’ll never have to worry about who to hire for your next cleaning again. We love our customers and our verified google reviews represent the honest, fun company that we truly are.

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