Is Steam Cleaning Bad For Your Carpets?

Find out below!

The Simple Answer Is No. Steam Cleaning Is Not Bad For Your Carpets.

There is a common misconception on how steam cleaning can be bad for your carpets. This could not be farther from the truth! In fact, when you steam clean your carpets, it not only uplifts tough stains and dirt, it can actually kill germs and danders that can cause your allergies to arise!

Read below the 5 main reasons you should choose steam cleaning over any other type of carpet cleaning! You will be surprised by #5..

1.) Steam Cleaning Gets Deep Down In Your Carpets.

With the power of hot water, high power suction and eco-friendly cleaning products, there is nothing better to get those deep stains out. Other methods of carpet cleaning will simply just have the surface of your carpets looking fresh while leaving nasty spills from the past underneath the carpet which can lead to foul-smelling odors.

Steam cleaning is the best type of carpet cleaning in 2019!

2.) Steam Cleaning Gets Out Tough Stains Your Pets May Leave!

All of us love our pets… Well, most of the time at least! Unfortunately, there is a cost when it comes to owning a pet with the mess they can leave behind.

You come home and see that awful pee stain that you try just using conventional cleaning products to get up. It appears to be gone when you use a paper towel and pet urine removal, but you are very wrong! Steam Cleaning is one of the only ways to uplift the stain completely soaking up all of the mess leaving your carpets refreshed.

3.) Make Your Carpets Smell Fresh Again!

With day to day living, it is inevitable that your carpets start to get some wear and tear. After all, that is where we are dragging all of our daily germs on when we walk inside.

With steam cleaning, you will be left with a pleasant, clean smelling home. There is nothing worse living somewhere that does not smell good! The products used by H-Town Steam are always superior quality to help with bad odors that seem impossible to get rid of.

4.) Quick Drying Process.

Steam Cleaning has a quick-drying process due to the powerful water suction provided with professional equipment. Generally speaking, you should be able to put all your furniture back the same day!

5.) Steam Cleaning Can Help Your Allergies!

If you are struggling with allergies, steam cleaning might be your solution! While cleaning your carpets, it also collects all of that dust and dander that has been compiling over time.

This is great if you are having guest over as well that are prone to allergens and cause them to have an allergic reaction.


If you are considering getting your carpets steam cleaned, you no longer need to worry that you are making an excellent decision! If in the Houston, Texas area, visit H-Town Steam for the best cleaning in town!