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Stone components in your home will give it a lovely appearance. However, stone components must be polished and cleaned from time to time as they become dirty and dull after enough exposure to the environment. 

Stone cleaning is not something that you can easily do yourself, either. It requires specialized knowledge about the different cleaning and polishing methods for the different types of stone. And a single mistake can ruin the stone, which can be an expensive mistake as stones like granite and marble are not cheap. 

Luckily, the H-Town Steam professional team has the experience, knowledge, and tools to clean and polish any stone successfully. There’s no need to live with dull, boring stone with the stone cleaning and polishing team at H-Town Steam ready to make the stone components in your home look great. 

    Failing to Clean Stone Components Can Result in a Costly Replacement

    Stone components in your home must be cleaned and polished regularly, or else they’ll need to be replaced. Stone can last forever, but it must be maintained to prevent long-term damage. 

    Some things that can damage natural stone include the following:

    • Frequent foot traffic on it.
    • Algae
    • Rain, especially acid rain
    • Rain is terrible for outdoor stones as stones are porous, and the rain will widen the tiny cracks that always exist in stone.
    • Blunt objects dragging across the stone (i.e., a broken wheel on a rolling suitcase)
    • Heat
    • Temperatures below freezing

    Those are just some things that can damage the natural stone components in or around your house. It will also just wear out over time and lose a lot of its shine, which is one of the main reasons you probably have natural stone in your house – it looks nice when it’s well-polished. 

    If you do not adequately maintain the stone, it will begin to form cracks. 

    These cracks start small before eventually turning into large cracks that can destroy the stone. This means you will have to replace it if you want it to look nice. And replacing stone is far more expensive than cleaning or restoring it. 

    Natural stone cleaning & restoration in Spring, TX
    Natural Stone cleaning and restoration in Texas

    Make Your Home Look Exciting Again

    Stone adds a specific stately look to houses. Many of the most famous buildings in the world, like the White House and Buckingham Palace, are made of stone and have interior components made of stone for a reason – it looks great and can last an eternity. 

    The thing with stone is it only looks great for a certain amount of time before the polish wears off. Stone tends to look dull and flat once the polish wears off.

    That’s certainly not the look anyone with a stone in their house wants.

    This lackluster, after a few years, is especially true when it comes to interior natural stones such as marble and granite. It looks pretty bad when the polish wears off. And it’s especially noticeable because it’s something that you see almost every single day. 

    Thankfully, stone polishing can return your marble or granite to its former glory. The proper polishing techniques can make it look better than when it was first installed.

    Stone Polishing and Restoration Requires Specialized Knowledge and Tools

    Stone polishing and restoration are not something that one can easily do. For one, it requires specialized tools not readily available to the public. 

    The tools are only part of the reason that stone restoration and polishing are so challenging. It also requires a large amount of knowledge to ensure success. For instance, attempting to polish marble the same way granite is polished can permanently damage the marble. 

    Each type of stone has a different technique for cleaning and polishing it. If those techniques are not used in the cleaning and polishing, then permanent, irreversible damage can be done to the stone. 

    Stone cleaning and polishing are something that you should not take lightly. You should only allow those with the proper tools, training, and insurance to polish or clean the stone in your home or face the risk of them completely ruining it. 

    We have the experience, knowledge, and tools to clean all types of stone in your home. We have over ten years of experience doing it and know the proper techniques for the different kinds of stone, so damage is no cause for concern with our team of experts cleaning and polishing the stone in your home. 

    Stone restoration from h-town steam
    Before and after natural stone cleaning

    We Can Fix All Sorts of Cracks and Chips

    Do you have cracks or chips on stone components in your home? It’s a surprisingly common problem that leaves many homeowners scratching their heads for a solution. The good news is that a costly replacement is only necessary in extreme cases. 

    An experienced, knowledgeable technician like the ones here at H-Town Steam can fix chipped or cracked stones without hassle. The fix will be unnoticeable to all but the most trained, observant eyes. This is a relief for homeowners because restoration costs are far more affordable and less time intensive than replacing the stone. 

    Return Your Stone to its Former Glory with Stone Cleaning and Polishing

    Stone always looks great when it’s first put in a home. It has a shine that you do not get with wood or concrete. The stone will last forever with the proper maintenance, but it’ll not look great unless cleaning and polishing are done.

    As mentioned earlier, stone dulls over time and must be polished occasionally to keep it looking nice. Our team at H-Town Steam has over a decade of experience cleaning and polishing all types of stone.

    We have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to keep your stone looking lovely for years. Additionally, we can make minor repairs to your damaged stone before it becomes a significant problem that may require spending thousands on replacing it.

    Contact us today to schedule a quote and see what H-Town Steam can do to make the natural stone in your home look great.

    Affordable Natural Stone Restoration

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