H-Town Steam Offers the Best Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration Services

Your home or commercial space’s beautiful natural stone flooring cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected with regular mopping. This is because natural stones—like marble, travertine, granite, and quartzite—are naturally porous. This means your flooring can absorb liquids and spills, making it a natural breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. 

To keep your stone flooring in tip-top condition and allergen-free, it needs to undergo regular maintenance and repairs. Aside from deep cleaning and restoration, a sealant also needs to be applied annually to create an effective barrier against stains, dirt, bacteria, and allergens. 

If you’re looking for a reputable natural stone cleaning and restoration service, look no further than H Town Steam. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will prepare, clean, and seal your natural stone surfaces—including floors and countertops— restoring them to pristine condition. 

Let Us Dazzle You With Our Stone Cleaning & Restoration Services

While natural stone flooring is durable and can make rooms look classy, they also require special maintenance. For example, you cannot clean your stone flooring with household cleaners that contain acidic agents or vinegar, as these will damage the flooring. High-traffic areas are also best protected with floor mats to safeguard them from dirt, abrasion, and debris.

Specialized knowledge, equipment, and training is needed to maintain these surfaces. This is why you cannot hire just any janitorial or cleaning company to clean and restore your natural stone flooring. They might use the wrong cleaning agents and equipment, leading to very costly damages.

These risks are eliminated when you hire the natural stone restoration experts at H Town Steam. Our highly-trained technicians have more than 10 years of experience in natural stone restoration and will not leave the premises until you’re fully satisfied with the results.

We’ll use professional-grade equipment, tools, and cleaning agents to deep clean and seal your stone flooring. All of the dirt, bacteria, debris, and allergens trapped deep inside the pores of your flooring will be removed. This is followed by the application of a sealant to prevent these elements from re-infiltrating your flooring.

With precision and careful attention to detail, we’ll repair chips and cracks, remove unsightly stains and scratches, and polish your refurbished stone to the desired shine.

    We Offer Customized Cleaning & Restoration Procedures for Granite & Marble Surfaces

    There is no single way to correctly clean natural stone. In fact, the correct cleaning process and cleaning agents will depend on the type of stone and grout you have. Hence, the contractor you hire will need to have a solid understanding of the different restoration procedures for different materials. 

    Case in point: let’s compare granite to marble. Granite is much harder than marble, requiring it to be refinished multiple times once it becomes dull or scratched. Special equipment, polishing agents, and restoration techniques are needed to properly restore granite. Marble requires equally specialized treatment and proper refinishing requires the surface to be sanded down using resin diamond pads. 

    The technicians at H Town Steam offer customized cleaning and restoration procedures for granite and marble surfaces. Aside from properly cleaning natural stone, we’ll also customize the finish, depending on your preference. Standard finishes include highly polished, honed (i.e. a matted or satin finish), and variations in between. 

    We Repair & Restore Travertine Floorings & Surfaces

    Prized for its durability and elegant finish, travertine is commonly applied to flooring, countertops, shower and tub surrounds, as well as outdoor pavers for walkways and patios. Just like marble and granite, this natural stone requires specialized cleaning and restoration processes. 

    Travertine is naturally perforated, which makes it very porous. While the holes are filled in and finished by the manufacturer to create a uniform finish, the fillers can gradually loosen and fall out as a result of wear and tear. 

    To resolve this issue, our technicians will mix tints with fillers that blend with the appearance of the stone. This process, known as floating, evenly applies material to make the surface look new again. Once this process is complete, a honing and polishing step will be applied with diamond-impregnated pads. Finer grits will be applied each time to achieve the desired finish, whether that’s a soft matte or high gloss.

    We Observe The Highest Safety Precautions During the Cleaning & Restoration Process

    Worried about opening up your home or business to outsiders? Rest assured that the considerate technicians at H Town Steam have your health and safety in mind.

    Our technicians wear masks, booties, and other protective equipment to keep your home or business clean while maintaining safety. All of our tools and equipment are sanitized between every client job, thus guaranteeing your family’s safety.

    Our Reliable Technicians Use Professional-Grade Tools & Equipment

    Cleaning, sealing, and polishing your stone flooring requires more than a mop and a bucket. Your knowledgeable H Town Steam contractor will use an array of specialized equipment to refurbish your floors and countertops. 

    We’ll use cup wheels and diamond-impregnated pads (which can be attached to hand tools and floor cleaning machines) to grind, hone, and polish. Our arsenal also includes steel wool, hogs hair polishing pads, gloss meters, moisture detectors, polishing compounds, sealers, grout color sealers, color-enhancing sealers, and natural stone tile cleaners that are free from harmful chemicals.

    We have all of the specialized equipment and cleaning/polishing compounds that are needed to do a first-rate restoration job!

    Protect Your Investment with H Town Steam’s Top-Notch Natural Stone Cleaning & Restoration Services in Houston

    Stone flooring and countertops are a pricey investment. Poor maintenance, irregular sealings, gradual wear and tear, and accidents can all chip away at the natural stone, compromising its integrity and appearance.

    Take advantage of H Town Steam’s premium natural stone cleaning services and restore the appearance and functionality of your stone finishes. Regular maintenance and sealing will also eliminate the bacteria and allergens hiding inside the pores of your stone finishes. This reduces the number of health hazards your family is exposed to.

    Aside from providing top-notch services, our certified technicians are also courteous and considerate, so you won’t feel uncomfortable inviting us into your home or place of business.

    We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed, the best pricing in town, and cleaning processes that are family and pet safe. So what are you waiting for, book a session today!


    Can carpet cleaning remove pet and dye stains?

    Yes proper carpet cleaning techniques preformed by a professional company can remove the deepest pet and dye stains you have in your carpet. Houston Steam Clean has been helping removing these stains in Spring, TX for multiple years!

    Are your chemicals family and pet safe?

    Yes! All of our chemicals are safe for your family, loved ones and pets. In fact, they will even help your carpets smell and feel fresher for longer!


    H-Town Steam is not just in the carpet cleaning business. Let us help you with all your needs today!