Natural Stone Cleaning & Restoration in Spring, TX

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Natural Stone Cleaning and Restoration Services by H-Town Steam

Your home or commercial space’s beautiful natural stone flooring cannot be properly cleaned and disinfected with regular mopping. This is because natural stones—like marble, travertine, granite, and quartzite—are naturally porous. This means your flooring can absorb liquids and spills, making it a natural breeding ground for bacteria and allergens.

If you’re looking for a reputable natural stone cleaning and restoration service, look no further than H-Town Steam. Our highly trained and experienced technicians will prepare, deep clean, repair, and seal your natural stone surfaces—including floors and countertops— restoring them to pristine condition. We use professional-grade equipment and sealant to remove dirt, bacteria, and allergens, providing a barrier against future stains and damage.

Cleaning and restoring natural stone surfaces require expertise and knowledge, and hiring the wrong cleaning company can result in costly damages. With over 10 years of experience, our technicians at H-Town Steam are skilled in natural stone restoration and guarantee your satisfaction. We tailor our procedures to each type of stone, such as granite, marble, and travertine, using specialized equipment (steel wool, hogs hair polishing pads, gloss meters, moisture detectors, polishing compounds, grout color sealers, color-enhancing sealers), polishing agents, and restoration techniques. We also offer customized finishes depending on your preferences.

Worried about bringing outside contaminants into your home or place of business? Your fears will be put to rest when you hire H-Town Steam’s highly-trained technicians. Our technicians wear masks, booties, and protective equipment to protect your household or employees. We also prioritize client safety by thoroughly sanitizing all of our tools and equipment between every job and interaction.

Protect your investment in stone flooring and countertops by choosing H-Town Steam’s premium natural stone cleaning services. Restore the appearance and functionality of your stone finishes while getting rid of bacteria and allergens. We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed, the best pricing in town, and cleaning processes that are family and pet safe. So what are you waiting for? Book a session today!

Hands down the best carpet cleaning company i have ever used! Had them clean my entire house and used them for my carpets, tile and also my living room furniture! I will definitely be an H-Town Stean Customer for life!

Andrea Shea