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Pets can brighten up your day with their happy, carefree attitude. But unfortunately, pets can also track a lot of unwanted elements inside the house. They bring in all kinds of contaminants like dirt, bugs, and bacteria. 

If you have carpet, these elements, along with any of their unfortunate “accidents” can make their way deep into the carpet’s fibers over time. This can be detrimental to the long-term health of your carpet, impair breathing, and it just doesn’t look good having a dirty, urine-stained carpet in your home. 

H-Town Steam can remove all the pet stains that are an eyesore on your carpet, which will enhance the comfort of your home, and make the carpet look spectacular. 

    Pet Stains Can Permanently Stain Carpet Without Proper Cleaning

    It’s something that every homeowner dreads – coming home to find that their beloved pet has had an “accident” on the carpet. The advice is usually the same; scoop up the solids and soak up the liquids. Then let a standard carpet cleaner soak for a little bit before vacuuming the cleaner away. 

    While this may help in removing some of the surface-level stains on the carpet, it doesn’t remove the staining that has made its way deep into the fibers of the carpet. 

    The only way to remove the staining that’s made it deep into the carpet’s fibers is by using a hot water extraction method that can penetrate deep into the carpet’s fibers and dislodge it before vacuuming it up for disposal.

    This is critical because those stains can permanently discolor a carpet. It’s also not very safe or hygienic to have your pet’s waste particles encrusted in your carpet. 

    It’s incredibly important that pet stains are removed promptly using hot water extraction to prevent permanently damaging the carpet

    Pet Stain Removal in Spring TX
    Pet Stain Removal Service in Spring TX

    Odor-Causing Bacteria Live Deep Inside Your Carpet’s Fibers

    The fibers of a carpet, especially the deep fibers, are the perfect breeding ground for bacterial growth. Carpet fibers generally keep a warm temperature, and trap a fair amount of moisture, which are the two main requirements for bacteria to thrive. 

    The bacteria will feed on the remnants of your pet’s waste that are not fully removed unless proper, professional cleaning has been done.

    Again, you can clean the staining that’s happening directly on the surface with paper towel or a sponge, but you will not fully remove all the contaminants from the carpet with that method. 

    Bacteria will continue to feed on the waste stuck in the fibers and eventually leads to a musky smell of waste emanating from your carpet. That’s not a smell that any homeowner wants coming from their carpet. 

    Sadly, the bacteria that cause the terrible odor in your carpet can not be removed using consumer carpet cleaning methods because those methods do not go deep enough into the carpet to kill the bacteria. They may reduce the odor a little bit and mask it for a time, but the odor will continue until the bacteria that causes it has been eliminated. 

    The good news is that the carpet cleaning method used by H-Town Steam (hot water extraction) will fully rid your carpet of these odor-causing bacteria. Your carpet will smell fresh and clean after cleaning as all the bacteria have been removed and replaced with the fresh smell of a clean carpet.

    Why Is It Important to Clean Up Pet Stains Quickly?

    When your pet urinates in a certain spot on the carpet, they find themselves attracted to the smell of the ammonia that’s found in their urine. This triggers them to pee in the same spot continually, which is why when you’re potty training your pet they may end up urinating on the same spot on the carpet over and over.

    You might be tempted to clean these stains from your carpet on your own using a sponge, rag, and some soap. It would be great if this method worked for cleaning a carpet. In reality, it does not do anything other than remove some of the stains that have not yet been fully set. 

    Consumer methods can’t remove these smaller stains, so you end up with an entirely dirty carpet that has to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional. That’s not to mention that the only way to kill the bacteria that grows in your carpet is to use a hot water extraction machine to clean your carpet. 

    H-Town Steam has a team of professional carpet cleaners that use a hot water extraction machine to fully clean your carpet. No sponges and rags are involved in the cleaning process – this means your carpet will not have any visible stains after cleaning, nor will it have the invisible stains (i.e. bacteria) that can cause a repugnant odor in your carpet, and can cause your pet to make continual “mistakes” on your carpet. 

    Affordable Pet Stain Removal

    Your Carpet Should be Cleaned Every 6 Months if You Have Pets

    The amount of time between carpet cleanings if you have pets depends on a variety of factors. The main factors involved in determining the time between are the following:

    • Is your pet indoor-only?
    • Does your pet frequently have accidents on the carpet?
    • Does your pet shed?
    • Do you have cats or dogs?

    If you have an indoor-only cat that does not shed and is house-trained, you will probably be able to get away with cleaning your carpet less frequently. 

    But this is not very common, since most pets go outside, and they will end up tracking dirt, dust, and debris into the home (they’re pets, what can you expect!). Or they may end up having an accident on the carpet from time to time. 

    And if your pet also sheds a lot, their fur can end up getting lodged deep in the carpet’s fiber.

    For some people with pets, you may need to clean your carpet every three months for it to look and smell good depending on the nature of your pet. Cleaning a carpet is more than just the appearance of the carpet. 

    Another benefit of regularly cleaning your carpet is that it will greatly increase its lifespan. It’s far cheaper and easier to clean a carpet on a semi-regular basis than it is to replace it, so the choice is clear. 

    If you have pets, you must have a professional clean your carpet to keep it looking good and ensure it lasts a long time

    H-Town Steam has expert knowledge when it comes to removing pet stains from carpets and cleaning the carpets of homeowners with pets. The hot water extraction cleaning method that we use here at H-Town Steam is the best method for removing pet stains from carpets. 

    Contact H-Town Steam today to clean your pet-stained carpets and see and smell the results for yourself. 

    You have questions and we have answers!

    Can carpet cleaning remove pet and dye stains?

    Yes proper carpet cleaning techniques preformed by a professional company can remove the deepest pet and dye stains you have in your carpet. Houston Steam Clean has been helping removing these stains in Spring, TX for multiple years!

    Are your chemicals family and pet safe?

    Yes! All of our chemicals are safe for your family, loved ones and pets. In fact, they will even help your carpets smell and feel fresher for longer!

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