H-Town Steam Offers the Best Pet Stain Removal Services

While pets are undoubtedly a great source of joy and companionship, poor house training can lead to numerous “accidents” on your carpet, furniture, upholstery, and rugs. If you don’t remove pet stains immediately, it could permanently discolor and damage these costly items. 

Aside from the destruction to your home, urine from cats and dogs, as well as the acids from their vomit, can cause unpleasant odors and contamination issues. While most of the bacteria that thrives in old pet stains isn’t dangerous to people with healthy immune systems, it creates significant health risks for those with weakened immune systems.

To keep your home or place of business odor and germ-free, you’ll need a professional cleaning service to do the job properly. H-Town Steam uses professional cleaning equipment and pet-safe cleaning products to extract all of the ammonia and other residue from your carpet’s fibers. 

We’ll also thoroughly disinfect and deodorize your furniture, upholstery, and rugs. This results in improved indoor air quality and a cleaner environment for your family. 


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Our Pet Stain Removal Services Will Disinfect & Deodorize Your Carpet

While your first response to your pet urinating, or other unmentionable things on your carpet may be to (rightfully) remove solids and soak up as much of the liquid residue as possible, this isn’t enough to thoroughly clean and disinfect the area.

You might end up using the wrong cleaning products to try and treat the stain. Worse, your rubbing and scrubbing might actually drive the residue (whether it’s urine, feces, or vomit) deeper into your carpet’s fibers, causing lasting . 

Once the residue penetrates deep into your carpet’s fibers, it can be extremely difficult to remove with household vacuum cleaners and shampoo. If urine stains aren’t cleaned up immediately, they can permanently damage and discolor your carpet. 

The moisture could also weaken the bond between the layers of your carpet, resulting in delamination. In worst-case scenarios, the urine could soak through your carpet and the padding below, causing the wooden subfloor to rot.  

If that wasn’t bad enough, the gasses and waste material from your pet’s urine will create an unpleasant odor that’s hard to get rid of no matter how much air freshener you spray. Cat urine, in particular, gives off a very unpleasant odor. The only way to get rid of these unpleasant smells is to perform deep stain removal and deodorization on your carpet. 

H-Town Steam uses state-of-the-art, professional cleaning equipment to get to the source of these deep stains, soaking up everything instead of just treating the surface of the carpet. We’ll leave your carpet completely odor and germ-free and only use cleaning agents that are pet and family safe. 

    Get Rid of Bacteria & Allergens from Your Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery

    Pet stains left untreated on carpet, rugs, upholstery, and furniture don’t just give off the strong smell of ammonia, but also create a ripe breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. 

    Concentrated ammonia, which is created when urine evaporates, can cause allergic reactions, as well as negatively impact emphysema and asthma sufferers. In otherwise healthy people, old pet urine stains can trigger sinusitis, watery eyes, and inflammation of the airways. More worryingly, for those with compromised immune systems, like young children and the elderly, old urine stains pose serious health risks. 

    The expert technicians at H-Town Steam will use powerful vacuums to extract the contaminants trapped deep in your carpet and rug fibers. We’ll also gently remove contaminants and odors embedded in your upholstery and furniture. 

    We use the best carpet pet stain remover to get the job done. This cleaning agent is potent enough to remove stains and odors, as well as kill bacteria, without destroying your carpet and rugs. We know how valuable your investments are and won’t use overly harsh chemicals that could damage your possessions.

    Did Your Pet Have an Accident? H-Town Steam Has Your Back!

    If your furbaby makes a mistake on your carpet, don’t worry. Our experts are expertly trained to handle even the most serious of messes when it comes to pet stain removal in Houston. 

    For more serious messes, be sure to get in touch with us to perform a deep clean as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for any stains to do any permanent damage to your carpets or furniture.

    H-Town Steam Observes All Relevant Safety Precautions

    Worried about bringing outside contaminants into your home or place of business? These fears are put to rest when you hire H-Town Steam’s highly-trained technicians to clean up your animal stains. 

    Our technicians wear masks, booties, and other protective equipment to protect your household or employees. To ensure the safety of our clients and their properties, we thoroughly sanitize all of our tools and equipment between every client job and interaction.

    Create a Safe Environment for Your Family & Pets with Our Affordable Pet Stain Removal Services

    When they’re not cleaned up immediately, animal stains can damage your furniture, carpet, rugs, and upholstery. Superficial cleaning often isn’t enough, as the acids from vomit and ammonia from urine can penetrate deep into fibers, wood, and other materials, causing irreparable damage. 

    The resulting odor can also be deeply unpleasant, leaving an unfavorable impression on guests or patrons. Superficial cleaning is also likely to make the problem worse, as animals tend to urinate in the same spot repeatedly when they smell ammonia. Before you know it, you’ll have to replace that expensive rug or reinstall your carpet prematurely. 

    Get rid of pet stains and odors thoroughly by relying on the expertise of H-Town Steam’s highly-trained technicians. We use specialized equipment to detect all pet stains and soils on your carpet (even those you can’t see) and use a special extraction method to remove all contaminants completely. The result is a sterilized and odor-free carpet. 

    Our local and family-owned business offers the best prices in town. We also only use cleaning agents that are family and pet safe. Don’t hesitate. Book a cleaning session today!


    Can carpet cleaning remove pet and dye stains?

    Yes proper carpet cleaning techniques preformed by a professional company can remove the deepest pet and dye stains you have in your carpet. Houston Steam Clean has been helping removing these stains in Spring, TX for multiple years!

    Are your chemicals family and pet safe?

    Yes! All of our chemicals are safe for your family, loved ones and pets. In fact, they will even help your carpets smell and feel fresher for longer!


    H-Town Steam is not just in the carpet cleaning business. Let us help you with all your needs today!