H-Town Steam Offers the Best Power Washing Services

Your home might be your castle, but it isn’t impervious to the build-up of grime, algae, mold, mildew, and other contaminants. Aside from reducing your home’s property value and curb appeal, the build-up of contaminants will also leave your home susceptible to corrosion—damaging paint, sealants, and other surface coatings in the process.

To thoroughly remove mud, grime, moss, and other contaminants from surfaces in your residential or commercial space, you’ll need the expertise of power washing companies, like H-Town Steam.

While you might be tempted to do the job yourself, relying on professionals will ensure that the grime is stripped away thoroughly and safely. Take note that using the wrong cleaning products or applying the wrong pressure to a delicate surface, like roof shingles, could lead to costly and irreparable damage.

The highly-trained technicians at H-Town Steam will power wash all of the dirty and contaminated surfaces of your residential or commercial property. Your property’s curb appeal will be restored and all unsightly contaminants will be sprayed away!

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Wash Away Dirt & Grime With Our Customized Power Washing Services

Also known as pressure washing, power washing involves using a high-pressure water spray to remove dirt and contaminants from surfaces. The pressure released by electric power washes is very effective at removing stubborn grime and contaminants from surfaces as diverse as roofs, siding, decks, driveways, and fences. Precise jets of water can also be used to blast dirt out of tiny nooks and crannies.

While you might be tempted to order your own power washer from Amazon and do the job yourself, take note that it’s best to delegate power washing to professionals if you want to see superior results.

Professionals have access to the correct equipment and will know the type of pressure, cleaning method, heat setting, and cleaning agent that is appropriate for each surface. Concrete, for example, is very durable and requires a high amount of pressure to flush out contaminants.

Roofs with asphalt shingles, in contrast, will be irreparably damaged if subjected to high-pressure washes. These surfaces require soft washing, which uses a lower water pressure, as well as cleansers and soft bristle brushes, to clean more delicate areas.

Just as importantly, the improper use of power washes could lead to injuries and property damage. Surely the last thing you’d want to do is injure your pets, loved ones, or employees!

All of these concerns are put to rest if you delegate the work to H-Town Steam’s power washing technicians. We have the proper training, observe safety protocols, and use specialized equipment and cleaning agents to get the job done. We’ll apply a customized approach to each surface—whether it’s wood, masonry, paint, or asphalt shingles.

    Maintain Your Property’s Value & Curb Appeal with Regular Power Washing

    A home’s upkeep plays a key role in its property value and curb appeal. If your home appears damaged or rundown, it will be more difficult to attract tenants or buyers. Regular power washing will improve the appearance and curb appeal of your home or commercial property, increasing its value in the process.

    How much money could you potentially lose if you avoid regular power washing? According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a pressure-washed home could see between $10,000 to $15,000 added to its sale price!

    Prime Surfaces Before Renovations with Our High-Pressure Washing Services

    If you’re planning to conduct renovations on your property—such as adding a fresh coat of paint, installing new siding, or having your roof repaired—it’s better to start with a fresh, clean surface.

    It isn’t advisable to paint over a dirty surface, and power washing ensures that the fresh coat of paint adheres securely to the wall rather than falling off because it adhered to the debris rather than the wall.

    Power washing your roof or siding might also reveal hidden damages that were masked by dirt and grime. This way, once the repair contractors are ready to begin work, you can pinpoint some of the areas of damage that need their expertise.

    Spray Away Allergens, Pests & Other Contaminants with Electric Power Washing

    Power washing is a fast and efficient way to strip your property’s exterior of harmful contaminants. Depending on the situation, we’ll apply cleansers that are designed to remove dirt, mold, mildew, and algae.

    After this, appropriate water pressure is applied to strip your property’s exterior surfaces of contaminants. For stubborn areas, a soft bristle brush will be used to gently and thoroughly remove contaminants that trigger allergies, asthma attacks, and respiratory illnesses.

    Power washing is also a great way to remove spiders and their cobwebs from your property’s exterior. Aside from improving your building’s aesthetics, it also helps prevent indoor pest infestations.

    H-Town Steam Observes All Applicable Safety Precautions

    Worried about exposing your loved ones or employees to unwanted bacteria and viruses? You can lay these fears to rest when you hire expertly trained technicians at H-Town Steam. We wear masks, booties, and other protective equipment to keep your home clean and free of contaminants.

    We also properly sanitize all of our tools and equipment between every client job, guaranteeing your safety.

    Safeguard Your Investment with H-Town Steam’s Customized Power Washing Services

    Aside from the aesthetic benefits, regular power washing also helps certain structural materials last longer. Case in point: blasting away dirt and other residue decreases the likelihood of decay on wood surfaces. 

    Moss, grime, and other contaminants also cause surfaces to corrode, damaging concrete sealants, paint, and other surface coatings. The damage could eventually seep into the materials underneath, like wooden boards and vinyl siding.

    By thoroughly removing contaminants from your property’s exterior, structural features and materials will last longer and premature repairs will be lessened significantly. 

    Restore your property’s pristine appearance by contacting the power washing experts at H-Town Steam. We’ll carefully study all of the surfaces that need to be cleaned and apply the appropriate cleanser and amount of pressure to get the job done—quickly and efficiently. 

    We’ve cleaned over 5,000 residential properties and over 1,200 commercial properties. We’re the experts when it comes to property maintenance and restorations. Don’t hesitate, book a cleaning session today!


    What’s the average cost of power washing services?

    On average most people pay between $183 to $380 for services. According to Home Advisor the national average is about $281. Power washing a driveway can typically cost about $130 to $220.

    Is power washing safe for your home?

    When done correctly power washing can be very beneficial to your home. A professional power washer will make sure to clear out all grime, bird droppings, and stains. It can also help remove mold and mildew, which can cause damage to your home and your families health.


    H-Town Steam is not just in the carpet cleaning business. Let us help you with all your needs today!