The Rise of COVID-19 and How Cleaning Companies Can Keep It at Bay

Covid-19 cleaning companies


The Rise of COVID-19 and How Cleaning Companies Can Keep It at Bay

For many Americans, the last couple of months have consisted of take-out orders, social distancing, and government orders to stay at home. While all of these rules and regulations have arisen and become commonplace as a result of the spread of COVID-19, the most prevalent effect of COVID-19 has been fear. There is fear for those who are at a high-risk of contracting the illness, such as those working in healthcare or in essential businesses, fear for those who have gotten the illness, fear for the state of the American economy, and fear that our friends, family members, and even us personally will somehow contract the virus. With all of the media headlines reporting the numbers of cases and deaths alike, as well as the impact on businesses, experiencing fear over COVID-19’s effects is certainly a valid response. However, there are specific actions that we can take that can not only reduce our chances of catching or passing on COVID-19 to others, but also possibly alleviate some of our strongest concerns related to the virus.

While wearing a mask when you go to purchase your groceries or distancing yourself from others when in public are both important measures you can take to prevent the spread of the disease, cleaning procedures are equally significant in protecting yourself and others from COVID-19. As far as cleaning procedures go, you may be thinking that washing your hands and wiping off your grocery cart are the most essential aspects of cleaning in the fight against COVID-19. However, maintaining a clean home and workplace environment is just as important as wiping off the carts at the store and washing your hands.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some studies indicate that SARS-CoV-2, or novel coronavirus, can live on different types of surfaces for the duration of hours and possibly even days.* If you are working at an essential business or have had to go purchase food or supplies from a local store, there is possibility that you may have come in contact with the virus and brought it home. Based on what the CDC says about the virus’s ability to survive on surfaces for hours or days, COVID-19 could be lingering on a variety of surfaces in your home, posing a threat to you, your loved ones and guests in your home or business. Making sure to clean off and disinfect surfaces that are touched on a regular basis, such as doorknobs and countertops, is vital. However, having a cleaning company come and perform the following services is another great way to protect yourself and others from becoming sick from COVID-19 or, at the very least, lessen its impact on your health.


Tile and grout can be found all over your home. You may have tile flooring, a tile backsplash in your kitchen, and tile covering your shower in your bathroom. All of these areas are touched or come into contact with someone on a regular basis, so there is a possibility that they could become contaminated with coronavirus.

While you may have powerful household cleaners in your home, you may not have the right equipment to thoroughly clean your tile. Professional cleaning companies have high-powered equipment that can remove contaminants from your tile and grout, leaving a sanitized, safe surface behind.

Tile grout cleaning
Carpet and rug cleaning


Not only can germs and viruses, like coronavirus, remain on hard surfaces like tile, but it can also stay viable on soft surfaces, like carpeting and rugs.* Unfortunately, vacuuming only removes dirt and germs from the top layer of carpeting and rugs. This means that every time you walk across your kitchen or living room rug or the carpet in your bedroom, you are pushing contaminants and pollutants, like coronavirus, down further.

In order to properly remove these pollutants and contaminants from the depths of your carpets or rugs, hiring a cleaning company is your best bet. Cleaning companies have the ability to remove these particles from the bottom of your carpeting because they use powerful, deep-cleaning equipment and steam. Since steam has such a high temperature, it has the power to kill many pathogens, and possibly viruses like COVID-19. So, if you are looking to remove germs and bacteria from your rugs and carpeting, it is worth the money to hire a professional cleaning company.


If you have been staying at home and catching up on your favorite television shows, you probably feel like your upholstered couch has become your new sanctuary during the era of coronavirus. It has become the central location for entertainment and possibly even dining. If you have been exposed to the coronavirus and are spending the majority of your time on your upholstered sofa in your living room, there is a good chance that the virus is also taking up residence there.

Unfortunately, every single time you go to sit or lay on your sofa, there is a possibility that you are helping germs and contaminants, such as coronavirus, move into the air, increasing the chances of it being spread. Hiring a professional cleaning company to come clean your upholstered furniture can help keep this from occurring. Professional cleaning companies have the equipment and cleaning products to kill germs residing on your upholstered furniture without damaging it. Not only can an upholstery cleaning service make your furniture look brand new, but it can also deeply cleanse it and improve your home’s overall air quality and sanitation.

Carpet and rug cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning


If it has been awhile since you have cleaned your air ducts, you are probably paying too much on your electric bill and breathing in pollutants that can cause a wide array of health conditions. Your air ducts are constantly circulating air throughout the day. If you or a loved one have the coronavirus and cough, there is potential that the air could contaminate your air ducts and be recirculated. As a result, the virus could come into contact with someone else if your air ducts are not properly cleaned. Not to mention, dirt and dust may exacerbate other issues, like allergies, which may worsen the symptoms of COVID-19 should you become infected.

Having a cleaning crew clean your air ducts can keep these problems at bay. They have professional equipment and expertise to effectively clean your ducts and improve your home’s air quality, helping keep you and your loved ones healthy.

While there are measures you can take to aid in suppressing COVID-19 or its negative effects, hiring a professional cleaning company will not only result in a deeply-cleaned and sanitized home, but it will also improve the look of your furniture, flooring, and carpeting. Not to mention, it will give you peace of mind.

A clean home is a healthy home, so contact us today to keep you and your loved ones safe from coronavirus and other health concerns!