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Your furniture is an important staple to guests that visit your home. It’s often the first impressions that your guests are greeted with, and can lead to them making quick judgments about you based on the cleanliness and appearance of your furniture. You also use furniture almost every day and have to see it every day.

It’s an important part of your home’s image and everyone wants their furniture to look nice and clean. Unfortunately, cleaning the upholstery on your furniture on your own can be a monumental task with very high stakes – leaving upholstery filthy for too long can completely ruin it. 

This leaves you with two options: 

  • Deal with the dirty upholstery yourself
  • Hire a professional upholstery cleaner with years of experience and the proper tools that guarantee the upholstery is not damaged during the cleaning process 

H-Town Steam has the experience and tools necessary to clean upholstery in a safe manner that will not damage it.

There’s no need to live with the eyesore of dirty upholstery or put plastic covers on your furniture to prevent stains. H-Town Steam has you covered with upholstery cleaning in Spring, Texas. 

    Removing It Yourself Often Doesn’t Work

    The first thing most people do when they start to notice their furniture’s upholstery getting dirty is to attempt to remove the dirt and grime themselves. Sadly, this approach does not usually work for removing most stains from upholstery. 

    Dirt and grime have a tendency to set into upholstery and scrubbing it will not remove the set-in stains. In fact, scrubbing upholstery to clean it can ruin it at worst and will simply spread the dirt and grime around at best. 

    There’s also the bacterial problem. Scrubbing upholstery will not remove the bacteria that have taken up residence deep inside the upholstery. Those bacteria are the ones that can lead to that unwelcome smell of “old, musty furniture.” 

    That’s certainly not a smell you want to greet your guests with when they visit!

    Upholstery Cleaning in Spring, TX

    Our cleaners are willing to help with your chairs, love seats, sofas and any other upholstered surface you need to be restored.

    Unfortunately, rips and stains are a part of life when it comes to upholstery. Nonetheless, there’s no need to let them ruin your room’s appeal. When you have your upholstery cleaned, you’ll be delighted to see what an improvement it can make. Once you see the difference a professional cleaning makes, you’ll be glad you decided against dragging it to the curb.

    Give us a call today to bring your furniture back to life!

    Upholstery Cleaning in Spring TX
    Furniture Cleaning in Spring TX

    H-Town Steam Uses Professional Cleaning Techniques and Equipment to Eliminate Stains and Odors

    As outlined above, removing upholstery on your own with a sponge, rag, or other household items simply will not solve the problem in the way you’d like them to. They can even make the problem worse as it can spread the stain deeper into the fabric and to more areas.

    The only way to truly clean upholstery is to use professional equipment and techniques to eliminate all the remnants of a stain that can linger deep in your furniture. H-Town Steam technicians know these techniques and have the equipment necessary to get the job done.

    The hot water extraction process, also known as steam cleaning, that we at H-Town Steam use, does an excellent job of breaking down all the nasty compounds in your upholstery and then vacuuming them up for disposal. This leaves your upholstery clean and free of harmful bacteria.

    Hot water extraction is the only technique that can fully clean upholstery. Other solutions might remove the stain, but they fail to remove all the dirty water used in the cleaning process. Failure to remove the dirty water is why these methods can never fully remove all the dirt and the odor.

    We Use Safe and Effective Furniture Cleaning Chemicals

    Not all upholstery cleaning chemicals are created equally. Some of the ones available to retailer purchasers can permanently stain delicate upholstery if used improperly. The usual culprit involves leaving the retail-grade chemical in for too long, which can have a permanent impact on certain sensitive fabrics. 

    Yes, it is relatively easy for the average consumer to ruin their furniture attempting to clean it themselves by using the average upholstery cleaning chemical available at Home Depot.

    You don’t have to worry about that with H-Town Steam. Our team of expert technicians know how to properly clean the most delicate upholstery without damaging it due to decades of training and experience. The chemicals we use are the highest quality commercial-grade cleaning chemicals on the market. They remove stains while not creating new, permanent ones or changing the color of your upholstery.

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    Get rid of allergens in Spring TX

    Allergies Flaring Up? Remove Allergens from Your Furniture’s Upholstery

    Did you know that allergens can get trapped in your furniture’s upholstery?
    This generally happens after you have been outside collecting all sorts of allergens on your clothes, and then come home and sit down on the couch. These allergens eventually work their way deep into the upholstery only to be released when putting pressure on it.
    We call this an invisible stain as you (usually) can’t see the allergens. But you can definitely feel their impact if, like most Americans, you have a slight allergy to pollen or dust.

    All that sneezing and sniffling might be from allergens you (or your pet) bring into the home, getting trapped in your furniture and then released into your home. A professional upholstery cleaning from H-Town Steam can remove these invisible stains and provide some sinus relief during allergy season.

    Human-Safe Cleaning Chemicals

    Another issue with retail-grade cleaning chemicals, other than not being very effective, is they often are not safe for humans if used improperly. This is a little worrisome when you consider that your skin often makes contact with your furniture. 

    Do you really want to sit on a sofa that has harmful chemical residue on it? Of course not! 

    We at H-Town Steam know this, and it’s why we use cleaning chemicals that are safe for humans. There’s no need to be worried about a gross chemical smell when you sit on your couch. You won’t even have a chemical smell on your furniture after H-Town Steam cleans it because of the steam cleaning method we use.

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    Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Spring TX

    Enjoy Clean Furniture With H-Town Steam

    Having clean furniture is a luxury that many people don’t have because they lack the experience and tools to properly clean their furniture. 

    H-Town Steam has the experience and tools to clean furniture. And our safe chemicals will not harm you or your furniture. 

    We are a family-owned business and treat our customers like family by offering the best upholstery cleaning in Spring, Texas at the best price. There’s no excuse for stained or dirty upholstery with H-Town Steam in town. Contact us today for an appointment and experience the joy of a thorough furniture cleaning by H-Town Steam today. 

    You have questions and we have answers!

    Can upholstery cleaning remove pet and dye stains?

    Yes proper upholstery cleaning techniques preformed by a professional company can remove the deepest pet and dye stains you have in your upholstery. Houston Steam Clean has been helping removing these stains in Spring, TX for multiple years!

    Are your chemicals family and pet safe?

    Yes! All of our chemicals are safe for your family, loved ones and pets. In fact, they will even help your upholstery smell and feel fresher for longer!

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