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Having your floors cleaned professionally on a regular basis can help with prolonging the life of flooring materials. Sweeping and mopping on a regular basis are effective, but with time is not enough. Tiles become dull as they age and build up dirt and dust in grout lines. H-Town Steam in Houston, TX specializes in removing dirt, grime, and sludge build up on tile and grout. Our high powered cleaners and technicians will restore old dirty tile and grout and make it look like new! DIY cleaning products promise results they simply can’t deliver. Our top of the line cleaning equipment is powerful enough to extract dirt trapped in tile and grout from years back.

Taking on tile and grout cleaning by yourself can be a time consuming and labor intensive job. Simply scrubbing grout violently for hours will not effectively remove the filth from your floor. In fact, you may just be pushing around and re-depositing old dirt and grime. For tile and grout cleaning, you need the right tool for the right job. H-Town Steam is equipped with powerful equipment to clean your floor better than over the counter products. These cleaning services are usually a two person job. One technician will be scrubbing the floors with specialized tools while the other is using the truck mounted equipment designed for high pressure extracting and rinsing. Our crew has perfected this process with results you will be satisfied with.


Having your tile and grout professionally not only makes your floors look better, but it keeps them sanitized. This helps create a healthier living space. Harmful bacteria and other contaminants trapped in your floor are extracted. It is best to leave tile and grout cleaning to the professionals to prevent any damage during the process. Scrubbing too hard and using the wrong cleaning products can damage or ruin the material used in your floor. Improper cleaning can cause tiles to look aged, crack them, and ruin grout lines. Our techniques have been perfected to clean stains, clear dirt, mold, and grime making your tile and gout look like new without damaging it.

A common mistake is for homeowners to use household cleaning products to clean tile and grout. It is possible to do more harm than good. Many DIY cleaning products are too harsh and can cause damage or yellowing to your grout. Also breathing in a host of different chemicals is hazardous for your health. With years of experience, we know how different tile materials will behave with different cleaning solutions. For instance, stone requires and unexpected cleaner compared to clay tiles. H-Town Steam is well versed with the specialized cleaning needs of all kinds of floors. You can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

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Beautiful walls and floors can be one of the most aesthetic features of a home. It creates a healthy welcoming environment you can relax in after hard days work. At a workplace, a clean floor is a direct reflection of that businesses standards and attention to detail. Having a clean and sanitized floor is important and scheduled cleanings from H-Town Steam in Houston, TX can help keep your workplace or home looking new.

Hiring a contractor to re tile a floor is incredibly expensive and not always necessary. Lack of cleaning and maintenance can lead to premature wear on tile, especially in areas with lots of traffic. Routine cleanings not only rid the surface of microbes, dirt, bacteria, and sludge, but also prolong the life of the tile. Dirty tile and grout creates a negative first impression on guests or customers. Maintaining a clean kept appearance goes a long way! A good tactic used when flipping or selling homes is to restore a tile floor with our cleaning service. Flooring is one of the most noticeable and appreciated aspects of a house when considering one for rent or purchase.


Tiling a floor is becoming a very popular option these days. Tile floors have several benefits over hard wood or carpeted floors. You can choose from a variety of patterns, texture’s, and colors. Every type of tile gets created with different materials making it important to know how to treat tile when cleaning it.

A popular type of tile is ceramic. This tile gets made with clay materials. Once prepared, the clay is then formed into a mold. There are three different methods when creating ceramic; dry press, extruded, and slush mold. Dry press is pretty self explanatory. The material is dried and pressed under extreme pressure to form the tile. Extruded method happens when a wet material is extruded through a mold. The slush molding method is formed when wet material is stirred with a mold and kiln hardened. This process happens at high temperatures. Your traditional ceramic tile non-porcelain. Tiles like this are produced with white, red, or brown clays. Porcelain tiles are created with clay as well with 50% of the mixture being feldspar. The white dust and sand melts into a substance that I similar to glass during the kiln drying process of tile making. Non-porcelain tiles are budget friendly and are easier to work with. Porcelain does offer more durability and resistance to stains.

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Another option over ceramic is natural stone. Natural materials are cut and shaped to produce the tile. Customers have hundreds of varieties to choose from. There are many different designs and colors depending on where they got quarried. Granite is very dense and hard. This type sticks out with a unique appearance caused by speckled minerals, and veining within. This material for the most part is scratch and damage resistant once laid. This tile is best used in areas with high foot traffic.

Marble tile doesn’t get used as often as granite tiles do. These tiles come from metamorphic rock, which have rich veining. These tiles are very aesthetic, however they can be very porous. Unlike other tiles, it is predisposed to absorbing liquid rapidly. This material typically isn’t used in kitchens, bathrooms, or areas with a high volume of foot traffic. This tile needs to be honed and sealed on a daily basis.


Travertine tiles are fabricated with limestone. These tiles are known for having a crystalized appearance and earthy tones. Like marble, this material is soft and porous with divots naturally occurring. It is virtually impossible to polish or hone this material until the divots get completely filled. This material can be scratched easily and requires special care when it is being sealed. Once again, this tile is not to be used in high foot traffic areas.

Tiles made from slate tend to be dense and very durable. This category of tile typically comes from darker tones. The texturing in this tile sets it apart from different materials used in tile production. If honed, it can have a smoother feel to it. Like granite, this tile is best used in areas with high foot traffic such as hallways or kitchens.

Building materials today have greatly enhanced the lifetime of tiles. The fact is, ceramic tiles can last 75 years and stone lasts 100 years or more. One key factor in floors lasting the long haul is to have routine cleanings scheduled. H-Town Steam in Houston, TX understands how to clean various surfaces. Dirt, dust, and sand build up can scratch tile and grout compromising the structural integrity of the tile. Leave it up to the professionals to care for your floor to make sure it lasts for years to come!

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