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  Regularly cleaning your upholstery plays a significant role in maintaining a safe, home environment, as well as the appearance of your furniture. However, cleaning your upholstery on your own is not a simple task. Finding a trusted, cleaning company, such as H-Town Steam in Humble, Texas, to clean your upholstery, will not only save you time, but also the cost of either reupholstering or replacing your furniture later on!

upholstery cleaning
upholstery cleaning
What You Can Anticipate When You Hire Us
  • We are a professional, highly-rated, cleaning company in Humble, Texas that has performed numerous cleanings and received many five-star reviews online. We always strive to provide our customers with honest communication, fast arrival times, and excellent service. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, so you can count on us to meet your expectations for your upholstery cleaning service.
What You Can Anticipate from Our Upholstery Cleaning Service
  • Top-Notch Service That Will Transform and Rejuvenate Your Upholstery

  • No matter where you have upholstery, stains have most likely made an appearance, whether it be from snacks or spilled beverages. It is not easy to remove these stains with regular cleaning products. If you are a resident of Humble, Texas, with our deep-cleaning equipment, we can take care of these hard-to-remove stains from your upholstery, rejuvenating it and making it smell fresh and clean! 

    Stains from food and drinks are not the only thing that can affect your upholstery negatively. Accidents, such as a small fire or a roof leak, can alter the smell and look of your furniture as well. No matter what type of accident has occurred in your home, smoke and water can damage your upholstered furniture seemingly beyond repair. With H-Town Steam of Humble, Texas, it is not too late to bring back your furniture! Our upholstery restoration can return your furniture to its previous state, saving you the cost of purchasing a new sofa.

upholstery cleaning
upholstery cleaning
Cleaning to Help Your Furniture Endure the Test of Time

Upholstery can accumulate stains, dust mites, bacteria, dust, and other pollutants, which can impact your home’s air quality and even your family’s health. They also can reduce the life of your upholstery. As they continue to collect every time you take a nap on your sofa, they rub against the fabric, reducing both its strength and its durability.


 Furniture can be costly, so having regular, professional cleanings can help lengthen its life by getting rid of these contaminants. Our upholstery cleaning service will not only maintain your furniture’s beauty, but also its endurance at a lower price than brand new furniture.

The Best Treatment for Your Upholstery

There are a number of DIY products for upholstery, but unfortunately, these cleaning agents may not be able to clean deeply enough to be effective. They may even cause your furniture to fade. So, instead of doing it yourself, contact a professional company, like H-Town Steam of Humble, Texas, to save your furniture from possible damage!


Before we clean your upholstery, we assess its fabric life, fabric stability, and color fastness in order to determine the best treatment. We will choose the right treatment for your upholstery, so you do not need to be concerned with it fading or becoming damaged. Our quick-drying, upholstery cleaning can transform couches, car seats, chairs, and more! So, no matter what needs cleaning, we can take care of it!

upholstery cleaning
Deep Cleaning That Maintains the Sanitation of Your Home

Every time you sit in your living room chair to enjoy a moment of relaxation, allergens, dirt, bacteria, dead skin, mold spores, and other impurities are also enjoying that chair. These irritants contribute to allergies, poor air quality, and overall reduced cleanliness of your home. They can even assist in causing unpleasant odors. If you personally try to clean your upholstered furniture, you could leave moisture behind that contributes to mold and mildew growth. Additionally, cleaning equipment and products purchased from the store may not be very successful in contaminant removal from the deepest fibers of your upholstery or cause the dye to run. 


Our experienced technicians have the proper equipment to clean deep down and safely remove these irritants from your upholstery without leaving moisture behind or making the dye run. Our cleaning process will not only restore the look of your furniture, but also keep members of your household healthy. 

So, if you are looking for a trusted cleaning company in Humble, Texas with excellent reviews for your upholstery cleaning, give us a call today to schedule your service!